Mar 17, 2012

Swatch, FOTD - Maybelline Color Plush Sapphire Stylist

I bought this quad a while ago and just stuck it in my stash, then I completely forgot about it.
Another sign that I need to take my makeup ban more seriously!
(Go through your makeup box once in a while, ladies. It works like a nicotine patch. ;p)

Sapphire Stylist

I have four or five of Maybelline Color Plush quads but I can't say I am all that thrilled about them.
They are so pretty to look at and easy to blend in, but the initially great color payoffs tend to end up looking muddy after a couple of hours.
I must say though, this Sapphire Stylist is an exception!
The quad is very well constructed color wise especially with the light gold shade that glimmers some antique nuance.
The deepest color, a blackened navy with blue shimmer, is perfect on creases and underlash lines. :)


Every color is very pigmented and goes on smoothly.
I am mostly happy that the colors stay true for a long time. :)
I believe this quad was and an LE and introduced as a part of Maybelline 2011 Fall collection during the fashion week, but I still see them around at local drugstores. ;)

(FYI, I am wearing NEO Celeb Eyes Brown contacts here.)


makeup products used for this look
Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Buff  (normal/dry skin)
e.l.f. High Definition Powder
NARS blush in Oasis
Revlon Colorstay Brow Enhancer
L'Oreal Voluminous Smoldering liner in Black
L'Oreal Voluminous wp mascara in Black
Maybelline Color Plush quad in Sapphire Stylist
L'Oreal Colour Riche Balm in Tender Mauve

Thanks for looking! :)

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  1. Naomi HingMarch 17, 2012

    hey lena! love this darkest shade

  2. Eva_Chic_ProfessionalMarch 17, 2012

    Wow this looks gorgeous! I have two color plush quads (I forgot which ones) and sadly, they weren't as pigmented as this one. I should've picked this one up instead!

  3. love the inner gold highlight. and the lip color is perfect.

  4. I like the colors all together, and Oasis is the perfect blush for you!

  5. Oh my God I think I need this one! I like the mix of warm and cool colors, which make this quad workable.

    You look as gorgeous as usual Lena :)

  6. I'm a big fan of these colours. I love what you did with them. Blues and yellows plus dark greys/black just remind me of the galaxy.

  7. I love how the hint of gold contrasts so well with the blue on the outer edge of your eye. :] You do amazing things with shadows haha!

  8. oh how could u forget having such a nice quad? lol ..
    this quad is pretty! the colors are unique but look like they get together well ;)

  9. I almost got this quad when I was in CVS today! Nice FOTD :):)

  10. OOOO i love the makeup with your contacts!

  11. thanks, Katherine! good to see you again. ;)
    you should totally get this quad. it'd look beautiful on you.

  12. hahaha i know..!
    i think this particular quad is well-composed. very easy to use and the effect is quite flattering. :)

  13. awwww thank you, Katherine.
    i completely agree with you. the gold shade makes all the difference. :)

  14. thank you, Feelo!
    spoken like a true galaxy girl. ;)
    i think i like this better because of the gold shade. it would have been rather boring without it!

  15. lolz. thank you. :)
    go get it, Sunny!
    i was never a big fan of this line but i like this quite a bit.
    and you know i have lots of blue eyeshadows, right? ;p

  16. thank you, Larie :)
    i am glad i picked Oasis over Sin. it is much easier to work with :D

  17. thanks, Jackie!
    the Tender Mauve color is my favorite from the Colour Riche Balm range. ;)

  18. thank you, Eva!
    i feel the same way about the color plush line. i guess LEs are a little better?cause i have a green quad from the same season, and it is quite nice, too! :)

  19. thanks, Naomi.
    me, too! :)

  20. Oohh the color looks nice! I love shimmery eyeshadows!

  21. Very pretty :) I never like Maybelline's eyeshadows as it flakes like mad on me. I guess this is an exception. Will consider looking at their display someday .

  22. Susan HangMarch 18, 2012

    I've always been hesitant to try these quads from Maybelline and don't own any of them. I think you've convinced me otherwise though =)

  23. Looks so pretty on you :) I really love the second and third colours. I have one of these quads in Give Me Gold but I haven't really experimented with it at all. And I completely agree with you about going through your makeup when trying to adhere to a makeup ban and it working like a nicotine patch! You really get reminded of just how much you have and how you'll never be able to use half of it up (at least before you technically should be throwing it out) :p

  24. Debi ChakrabortyMarch 18, 2012

    oooh the colours look like a dream on you!

  25. thank you. :)
    i don't know what is wrong with me thinking i need more makeup all the time. lol
    cleaning and sorting through my makeup box definitely does the trick to calm down those lemmings, though.
    to tell you the truth, i have a dior quint that is 16 years old. xD

  26. i think color plush and color explosion lines are definitely better than the classic ones. they are much more like asian brands with nylon shimmer.
    i'd say go for them when they are on sale! :)

  27. thank you, Allison :)
    i do agree with you on the fall-outs of maybelline eyeshadows. at least these are somewhat better. ;p

  28. thanks! they go with each other very nicely. ;)

  29. I love these colors and how you've blended them together! I never buy quads anymore because I feel like I don't have the creativity (or the patience) to experiment anymore :(

  30. lol @nicotine patch... so true. You look gorgeous!

  31. i wasn't kidding although i am not a smoker. lolz
    thanks, Sarah!

  32. thank you, Laura!
    i know what you're saying. to be honest, all i need is 2 or 3 colors.
    this is well composed. at least i didn't have to think hard to blend them together. ;p

  33. thanks, Kim!
    now i should go through my closet before i buy more clothes! ;p

  34. Ohh pretty palette! Looks surprisingly very wearable on you, from the palette I would have thought it'd be more smokey or bold. I'm curious which other Maybelline Color Plush quads you have. I actually never tried any but the packaging is cute, small and simple.

  35. i was very surprised when they first brought out the whole "Eye Studio" line and thought it was quite "asian". it was, in fact, introduced in asia first. ;)
    i like the simple and small packaging a lot as well. i am not so crazy about getting "lots of product" since it already seems impossible for me use anything up at this point. lolz
    will do a FOTD or EOTD posts on these quads soon. thanks for the inspiration! :)

  36. Love the Maybelline Eye Studio Quads! :D

  37. they are quite nice! :)

  38. Oh i know this feeling! he he :P I´ve moved a few times and I still have a bunch of boxes filled with stuff packed down at my parents house. Every now and then I go take a look and I always find a lot of cool things I forgot I even had! :D It´s so fun.. It´s like going shopping.. well, almost.. I don´t own THAT much fun stuff. he he :) But a couple of things now and then :P hi hi ^^

    I like the colors in this palette, Im such a sucker for blues.... :-))))

  39. i love blue eyeshadows!
    i've been wearing them even when everybody was wearing only pinks and neutrals!

    now i am taking my makeup ban more seriously and doing pretty good not picking up too many things..but there are tons i haven't even swatched..! ;p

  40. Awesome colors together. They look great on! LMFAO at you "nicotine patch".


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