Mar 24, 2012

Reveiw, Comparison - Milani Liquif'eye & Prestige Total Intensity Eyeliners

My search for a perfect dark eyeliner that will last on my lower waterlines still continues, but I have kinda made my peace with the possibility that I might never find it.
Maybe my waterlines are simply too watery for anything to stick, which is probably a good thing since my optometrist once told me my eyes are quite suitable for contact lens wearing because of that. ;)

However, my search goes on as I said, so I included a Milani Liquif'eye metallic eye liner pencil in my recent Milani haul.
(This haul was, by the way, about those baked blushes. Keep your eyes peeled for my next swatch post for them! ;p)

Milani Liquif'eye metallic eyeliner pencil 01 Black

I have been using Prestige Total Intensity eyeliners and I am quite fond of them. 
I usually wear the black color (01 Deepest Black) on my upper waterlines and it lasts pretty much all day without irritating my eyes.
This seems quite similar to the Milani Liquif'eye, so I wanted to do a comparison post. ;)
(They both are made in Germany. Actually, all the decent eyeliners I've used are made in Germany. Interesting, isn't it?  Dear Germany, are you a strong eyeliner country that we didn't know of? ;p )

Milani Liquif'eye & Prestige Total Intensity

Prestige Total Intensity (top)
Milani Liquif'eye (bottom)

They both go on very smoothly with great intensity, but the Milani one feels more liquid-y and leaves a slight sheen where the Prestige liner provides a matte finish.

smudge test
Prestige Total Intensity (top)
Milani Liquif'eye (bottom)

I did some serious rubbing on these swatched lines, and they smudged quite minimal.

Milani Liquif'eye does everything it claims except for the "all day wear" part.
It goes on very smoothly and provides intense color and definition. 
It is good to know that this liner is paraben free as well. ;)

However, it only lasted on my lower waterlines just as long as the Prestige liner does, which is for about 3-4 hours. 
(They eventually give me black eye snot. eeeeeeek)

Don't get me wrong. It is still a great pencil liner for the price and I would recommend it if waterproof liners like this usually stay on you.
It is just that this one was no match for my super wet waterlines.
I will still use this on my lash lines and upper waterlines, though. :)

Have you tried these liners?
Do you find them staying on your waterlines? :)

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