RMK pastels

Mar 25, 2017

RMK makeup review

Every year I hang on to my winter coats dearly and secretly hope that spring never comes. I know it sounds weird, but hear this. I have a thing for coats and have many of them. Spring always comes before I get to wear every one of them out of my closet then soon after my birthday arrives. (Am I the only one who dreads birthdays, by the way?) But, this year for some reason I can't wait till spring is here! I've been playing with the RMK pastel colors a lot lately thinking these will look nice with those frilly dresses and blouses with puffy sleeves which seem to be very much in this spring (yup, I got those, too). 

Pretty and Mundane - Glossier Cloud Paint Puff

Mar 12, 2017

Glossier Cloud Paint Puff

My friend Catherine was visiting from San Francisco and we had our date at the Glossier showroom in TriBeCa. I didn't know Cloud Paint was all the craze thanks to the Academy awards (apparently, a few actresses wore it and looked gorgeous.) nor did I know I was working 7 minutes from the showroom that day. So that's how I came home with a Cloud Paint. I guess it doesn't matter that you live under a rock if you have trendy friends. 

Two makes it better - Essie Ballet Slippers & Mademoiselle

Mar 3, 2017

(or four, I might say)
From left to right
Essie Color Corrector Primer, Ballet Slippers, Mademoiselle, and Gel-Setter Top Coat

I have been wearing Essie Ballet Slippers for over a decade now. Whenever I feel like a light nude pink on my tips, I reach for it and it never fails to fetch compliments. Ballet Slippers is a shade with both good and bad, though. It goes with everything but I need to moisturize my hands like mad otherwise, the dry spots and cuticles look more obvious. It is the epiphany of a mod and posh nail color but is incredibly streaky and difficult to apply. 

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