The Makeup Addict Tag

Jan 12, 2015

It is getting quite challenging to find time to blog lately. Work has been so hectic that I usually come home with nothing but the desire to eat and sleep. No creative juice left in my poor brain. And I've learned that putting on makeup is truly an act of creativity, because I have not really felt like wearing makeup for a while. This is not healthy, I tell you!

I've been wanting to do this tag (lovely Liz of Beauty Reductionista and Larie of Eye Heart It tagged me), although I no longer consider myself as a makeup addict.
To do this tag (I mean, to take pictures for this post), I finally cleaned my vanity and weeded out some of the old makeup yesterday - a great motivation, by the way. ;)
I ended up throwing out a shopping bag full of makeup (which was a weirdly liberating experience, and I may have dumped more than necessary), and now I'm left with something that resembles "a normal person's stash".

No? You think it is still too much?
Then I'm in denial, I guess. ;)

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