Rouge Bunny Rouge Sheer Lipstick Perfume Of His Gaze

The names of Rouge Bunny Rouge things are always poetically mouthful. God forbid sheer lipstick be just sheer lipstick. It is Succulence Of Dew, ok? And this brown color shall be called "Perfume Of His Gaze". A sheer brown lipstick could be the most boring object in the world, but suddenly it becomes so mysterious and irresistible. 
I love sheer lipsticks and didn't have a brown one in my collection (really, really). Plus there was a 20% off code with free shipping (this is offered on Wondegondigo blog and still available). I wonder who could resist such a combination.

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(Sorry, this FOTD is out of focus. But I like it, so)

I will tell you right here. I would have never picked up KLENSPOP Pinky Grey for myself. They are bigger (although not huge) in diameter than the ones I usually reach for, and the designs are on the artificial and more dramatic side.
Apparently the blogging gods wanted me to try them anyway because I was sent these by KLENSPOP recently. Then I fell in love with them. Totally unintended.

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I do not enjoy dealing with samples (sample packets and foil pouches, to be exact), but this time we are talking about a relatively new product that piqued my curiosity to a certain degree. (Well, I added it to my preliminary wish list a while ago.) 
This one came with my recent Nordstrom order, and I must say it was legit. I mean, I felt like trying it on my face as opposed to tossing it into "the sample grave". I guess I do not like anything that doesn't come with proper container of a sort, but I can see AMOREPACIFIC has made an effort to help us at least "learn" about this cushion compact. The whole experience matters when it comes to beauty products. Yeah.

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Canmake Cream Cheek Clear Red Heart

Canmake Jelly Stick Gloss

These are the two most worn and loved items of late. Only a cliché like "Better late than never" comes to my mind as I try to open this entry, but I guess that is how I really feel about my introduction to Canmake.
Like many other Japanese drugstore brands, Canmake isn't readily available here in the U.S. and there is always a bit of markup. Japanese yen is quite weak right now but the price on eBay or Amazon.com doesn't really reflect the current exchange rates, so I ended up paying about twice of the local price tag although it included standard oversea shipping. The quality is still worthwhile that I want to buy a few more colors and even venture more into the brand.

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NARS Via Veneto Rikugien Cruella

Liz of Beauty Reductionista generously gifted this fabulous mini set to me when she found out I was hankering after a similar set from Sephora. I had practically broken up with Sephora (Currently I'm going out with Beauty.com and Nordstrom. Happily.) but was thinking about ordering something (totally unnecessary) for the set. It is a wrong reason to go back to an old relationship, you know. A crisis averted.

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