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Repurchased items from Boots Botanics

For some reason, I've always liked the Botanics line from Boots and have more than a few items on staple. They are affordably priced and perform really well especially for my deep cleansing routines. With some weekly diligence and the aid of these sensible drugstore offerings, my skin has kept quite clear and smooth these days.

Chanel Joues Contraste Vivacité

The name "vivacity" suits this blush very nicely. Vivacité is a medium-toned fuchsia with a good deal of berry hues. It is definitely one of the brightest blushes I own, but not terribly so that I feel that I need to reserve it for a special occasion. In fact, I've been wearing Vivacité quite often throughout the summer.

Lunasol Skin Modeling Eyes Kit 2015

Lunasol Skin Modeling Eyes Kit 2015
(Hello, there.)

I have only become to appreciate warmer neutrals lately, so it isn't that odd I got to experience the famous Lunasol Beige Beige eyeshadow palette just months ago. Thanks to a friend (although she doesn't seem that happy with the set), I also spotted a good deal and bought it in a Skin Modeling Eyes Kit, which Lunasol does every year with this steady-selling quad (basically you get a freebie or two with the Beige Beige).

NOTD - Butter London Lucy In The Sky

Butter London Lucy In The Sky

As I promised in my line nail post (aka "strobed nails" if you will), I did a full mani with Butter London Lucy In The Sky.
It served pretty nicely for the holiday concerts I had recently, but these fine glitters set in a neutral base was just fine for simple work days. 

ProfilePRO Customized Shampoo & Conditioner Set

I have hair that is kind of low-maintenance and I don't like doing much except for getting a good haircut every 6 weeks. My hair does get unruly and frizzy sometimes, but that doesn't make me fret. Many drugstore offerings easily please me. No problem.
But, I've been also exposed to abundant high-end hair products like Goldwell, Kerastase, and Fekkai because I used to manage a luxury day spa with a hair salon. So I'm the tough one to really impress when it comes to basic things like shampoo/conditioner especially if they are over a certain price point.
So honestly, I was a bit skeptical about this "customized" shampoo/conditioner set from ProfilePRO. How different could it be? I agreed to try it because I wanted to see if this would work on someone who is pickier in choosing his hair stuff.