Etude House "Pink Skull" Cream Blusher | PK001 & PK002

Jan 4, 2018

Etude House Pink Skull Cream Blusher review swatches
Etude House "Pink Skull" Cream Blushers

If I had done a list, these two blushes probably made "best affordable makeup in 2017". About a year ago, a friend in Korea gifted them saying "don't judge by the cover" and quickly I learned what she meant. Both colors surprisingly have depth and the formula is something I'd expect from a high-end brand. I've been reaching for them often especially whenever it feels cold and dry outside.

Look Book 1 | Bright Lips & Neutral Eyes

Jan 1, 2018

Happy new year, everyone!

Rather than publishing a few more posts that are overdue, I changed the blog design yet again and thought of starting a new series. This is same as good old stash shopping underneath, but I'd like to call it "Look Book". Each post will consist of a tray (an unused dinner plate, actually) of makeup products and an overall look. I did one a while ago on Instagram and people seemed to enjoy the idea of seeing these two together. The track record shows that I am terrible at doing a series so I can't promise anything, but let's have a little faith as I even made a cover picture for this one.

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