Peripera Ink The Airy Velvet #2

Aug 26, 2017

I like the original Peripera Peri's Ink a lot, so I had high hopes for this one. I haven't tried Peri's Ink The Velvet (Peripera's another lip tint with full-on matte finish), but supposedly "Ink The Airy Velvet" is a lighter, easier-to-wear version of it. Unfortunately, I am not a big fan.

Deborah Lippmann Chantilly Lace & Comparison

Aug 24, 2017

Deborah Lippmann sheer neutral polishes

A few weeks ago, I spotted an incredible sale on Bloomingdale's. I was trying to get a backup for my favorite nude polish while working on this post (you see, I tend to enable myself more than others). I was shocked to see Deborah Lippmann Naked and other sheer/neutral colors were marked down to $4.50 a bottle, so I even shared this info on the blog after quickly purchasing 4 bottles for myself (first thing first). There are a few items still on sale (Pretty Young Thing $9.50 & Candy Shop $10), but that sale disappeared on the same day. I'm guessing the Bloomingdale's team realized that it was a mistake or I wasn't the only savvy shopper that day.

NARS Quai Des Brumes

Aug 22, 2017

NARS Quais Des Brumes review swatch

I feel bad blogging about a limited edition that now you cannot even find anymore (I checked). I myself almost missed this beautiful duo from the Sarah Moon collection but it was love at first sight. I've been dabbling in warm-toned eyeshadows lately, but I am well aware that cool dusty colors still look better on me and this duo is one of them. NARS Quai Des Brumes is everything - purple, gray, taupe, blue, matte, and shimmer all together in a simple harmonious way. 

MEMEBOX I'M MEME I'm Stick Shadow Spinel & Ash Stone

Aug 18, 2017

MEMEBOX I'm Stick Shadow Spinel, Ash Stone review swatch

My favorite way of wearing eye makeup is basing the lids first with dark pencil liners, and for that, L'Oreal Voluminous Smoldering Liner is still my favorite. I have all three shades - black, brown, and gray, and they usually work very well with most of my eyeshadows. Sometimes though, I want a lighter base that wouldn't alter the main eyeshadow colors as much and these I'm Stick Shadows looked suitable when I was filling MEMEBOX cart at that time.

Clarisonic Alpha Fit

Aug 16, 2017

Clarisonic Alpha Fit Review Photos

Gosh, I took these pictures so long ago, like right after Clarisonic brought out Alpha Fit For Men. At that time, my SO was involved with the Alpha Fit online project and the Clarisonic team gifted one to him when they flew in New York. I told him right away that this wasn't going to be a hit and Clarisonic would change the dark gray exterior color into something soft and name it like "MIA Fit". A prophecy.

Nude Glitter NOTD & Tiny Sale PSA

Aug 14, 2017

Deborah Lippman Naked Butter Lodon Lucy in the sky

This week I am back to wearing neutral nails. I chose Deborah Lippman Naked, which is probably my all time favorite nude polish. When it comes to a truly neutral "nude" nail polish that flatters any skin tone, it is hard to beat Naked (avail here). 

MacQueen New York Cushion Tint 01 Light Pink

Aug 10, 2017

MacQueen New York Cushion Tint 01 Light Pink swatch review

Rowena of rolalaloves gifted this adorable tint at our first meet-up (thank you!). The "New York" part is a bit misleading, because MacQueen is a Korean cosmetic brand. I also learned that this tint is well-known as an affordable alternative to YSL Baby Doll Kiss & Blush

Deborah Lippmann Dark Side Of The Moon

Aug 3, 2017

Deborah Lippmann Dark Side Of The Moon NOTD

Although I usually sport light neutral colors on my nails in summer, cool-toned vamp shades with creme finish are still in the rotation. Deborah Lippmann Dark Side Of The Moon is the favorite of the moment. 

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