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Happy (Columbus day) Monday! :)

I haven't done a nail post in a while and I admit I haven't felt passionate about nail colors lately.
Busy and Irregular schedule often makes me neglect the required grooming and polishing.
(Dr. Niles Crane from the show "Fraiser" once said, "Grooming requires small consistent efforts", which we all should abide by...)
I still get my monthly pedicures and polish changes in between, but I have been wearing nudes on my tips just because it is easier not to think about them.

It is a bank holiday here in the U.S., and I had a bit of time (although I have to go to work later on) to do my nails.
Revlon All Fired Up seemed to be the perfect thing that would rekindle my passion for nail colors.
Such a vibrant classic red.

Revlon All Fired Up
Revlon All Fired Up

What is amazing is that this is just with one coat.
Yes, one coat.

Of course, I am a bit amazing for painting my own nails (erhm ;p), but it is mostly the buttery smooth formula of this particular beauty.
All Fired Up has both elements - orange & pink, it will suit many different skin tones.
I am wearing it over Revlon base coat topped with Seche Vite fast drying top coat.

It is my second favorite red polish (the first place goes to Butter London Come To Bed Red).
If you haven't tried it, I highly recommend you do. :)

(Note : Revlon recently revamped (screwed) their nail color line-up, this might have been renamed. I will check and update.)

Thanks for looking!

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