Review, Swatch - Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15

I received a mini set from Taylor of My Lucite Dreams a while back.
(It was a lovely giveaway. Thanks again, Taylor!)

Fresh brings out mini sized duo and trio sets occasionally, which I think is a perfect way to try different colors at more affordable price.
$22.50 for a single tinted lip balm sounds too steep no matter how great it is. Plus there are so many other lippies to spend on, right? ;)

I like mini sized lip products since I have so many of them and I never use up anything.
These are indeed quite tiny and packaged perfectly in sleek metal cases.

The cap is a twist-up kind.
Don't be like me trying to pull up to open. ;)

According to the Sephora description, these are packed with nourishing ingredient minus all the bad stuff (parabens, etc.).
They also provide sun protection.
(Ah, yes. we need to put on sunscreen on our lips as well. Frankly, I don't know which is more harmful. Exposing our lips to UV rays or eating potentially toxic sunscreen agents.)

Passion - Sheer Crimson Red
Honey - Sheer Warm Nude
Berry - Sheer Raspberry Mauve

Here are my lip swatches.




I was very happy to try these basic and all popular shades from the line.
First of all, I was floored to experience how moisturizing they felt on my chapped lips.
It is scented with a bit artificial black sugar scent (It smells exactly the same as the Black Sugar Scrub from Skin Food if you're familiar with it.), which I did not mind at all.
They are more pigmented than I would expect from tinted lip balm.

However, the slippery feel and migration of the color (See the Passion swatch for example) is a bit off putting. 
I guess sheerer colors suit better for a thick moisturizing type of lippie like this, and for that reason, I find the Honey is the easiest one to wear.

It is certainly one of the best feeling lippies I have tried but the colors are nothing to write home about (They are pretty, though.), so it is questionable if I am going to shell out more than $20 on full sized one of these.
It would be still a nice option to consider for dry chapped lips especially if you are more conscious about ingredients. :)


  1. Oh sweetie honey and berry are really soft and cute colors. I think this is perfect for me because I have really dry lips.

  2. i really like honey and berry! esp honey it looks really natural on you and there's no migration as well :)

  3. I actually really love these lippies. I don't splurge on cosmetics, but when it comes to skin, hand, and lipcare, hell yes.
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  4. I've been wondering about this but hadn't tried them because they really are so expensive :\ The Honey seems great though and I agree, SPF for lip balms is so important!

  5. I was always hesitant about these because of how expensive they are but I tried two deluxe samples and LOVED them. And even though the regular size is $20, it's huuuge so I think totally worth it xx

  6. These are really well pigmented for a lip balm idd! The minis are so cute, great to hear that they have an spf as well. Seems like a great set! ^^

  7. I've heard how great this brand is but it's not available here. But I would repurchase 'Honey' if I were you! Since the coverage of the darker shades don't seem too great ;)

  8. I've read mostly good things about them, but they're quite expensive for tinted lip balms. I'll just stick to my chap stick and lipstick on top :-)

  9. I have one of these in Rose, and it is amazing! It really is an awesome tinted lip balm. Thank you for the swatches!


  10. I swatched these in Sephora in Singapore and they're really nice but overpriced for what they are. Passion and Honey are so pretty though!

  11. Aww I'm so sorry to hear the color migrates! I have the original and Rose ones. I guess maybe because Rose is barely tinted it doesn't really go anywhere on my lips. If I repurchase I'll probably get the original though!

  12. honey looks good! the way the colour comes out of the other two is a little off-putting though as you say x

  13. it sounds like my cup of tea! I have been loving tinted lip balm / sheer lipstick lately.. but the fact that the color migrates is a bit off putting especially for the $20 ish price tag. . But 'Berry' looks pretty and really my kind of every day color.. I wish they were available here T.T

  14. I like the original one a lot, but the mini tube packaging is really frustrating.

  15. Yikes they are SERIOUSLY overpriced for what they are. Lovely packaging though. Thanks for the review Lena! :)

  16. Lena, i'm glad you are enjoying them. I love their scent. Thank you so much for the sweet mention! xoxo

  17. these look so pretty. we've never seen them before. do you know whether they are available in australia?


  18. I remember these being the free bday gift from Sephora last year! They were really nice and moisturizing and the color was quite nice. But just as you said, I don't know if I would spend the money to buy the full sized one. :/

  19. I'm loving the look of Honey - very natural but still with hint of color. I know what you mean about the color migration though. Still I love the fact that this is paraben free - going on my long beauty list to try hehe xx Donah

  20. I have these and I love them. My only problem is that they tend to melt in really hot weather!

  21. ooh, i like the honey. next to my #1 fave cococare lip balm, these have worked for my chapped lips, too. i never really noticed the color run off on my lips, but i can see how they might be streaky since they are fairly slippery. i usually just dab a few spots and rub. overall, i really like these. i used a GC to try the full-size, and they happened to be giving away the mini due for their bday gift. we shall see if it's really worth the $22 after these are gone!


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