5 things I am enjoying this winter

I don't really do posts on monthly favorites or empties but suddenly I feel like sharing the beauty related things I have been enjoying lately.
Some of them are newly found and some are my old favorites. :)

1. Rocking heavier and more feminine scents
I am enjoying darker, sweeter and more mature fragrances lately.
Winter is perfect for enjoying these without hogging the air and causing headaches for others.
I still try not to overdo any of them since they are quite potent and long lasting.
I do the "spritz in the air and do a little dance under" technique(?), and it is just right. ;p

(from the left, clockwise)
Hanae Mori Butterfly
Chanel Coco Mademoiselle
Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb
Agent Provocateur Signature
Thierry Mugler Angel

2. Co-washing my hair
Frankly, I don't know much about co-washing except it is washing your hair with conditioner.
Well, I don't really do that. I just came up with this method and it works pretty well for me.
It is true I have low maintenance hair which I am grateful for, but it is much easier to manage and looks better since I started doing this. 
Please note that I am still using the same amount of shampoo and conditioner in this method.

(This is one of my all time favorite poo/con sets, but also light enough to carry to my room for photographing.)
Here is what I do.
*Wash with a half amount of shampoo I usually use (concentrating on the scalp) 
*Mix shampoo and conditioner in equal parts and wash again. 
*Condition (use only half of the usual amount) only concentrating on the ends.

3. Using a stippling brush for foundation and cream blush
So I bought this Real Techniques brush and fell in love with it.
I don't know why I waited this long to try it!
It is perfect for applying my tarte cheek stain and it has worked wonderfully with all of my foundation.

(Hello, flawless finger-free application!)

4. Using a simple all purpose cleanser
I have been using this baby cleanser for at least a decade now.
This works as a gentle body cleanser, facial cleanser and even for a feminine cleanser.
Too bad it is actually terrible to use as shampoo, though.

You might think "What, a facial cleanser?", but would you be surprised if I tell you this has nearly identical ingredients as Purpose Gentle Facial Wash?
(Yes, Johnson & Johnson owns the Purpose brand.)
My usual feminine cleanser is fragrance and glycerin free (this cleanser is not). 
It still works fine for me when I am out of my usual one, but be careful if you are sensitive to those.

5. Doing eyebrows as a last step
I used to do eyebrows first, but I have realized I need to adjust them depending on the looks.
Wearing color contacts also alters the features and demands different eyebrows. 
Sure, I look kinda hideous until I do the brows (You should google the images of "Celebrities without eyebrows". Eyebrows are that important. And you will realize Mona Lisa is actually quite pretty.), but this allows me to decide how much I should fill in my brows for the day.

I have been enjoying the combination of Rimmel Professional eyebrow pencil and my trustee ebony drawing pencil.

Lastly, I am really enjoying Instagraming!
(I know it is not beauty related...)
Maybe I am on Instagram too much lately..
This is kinda funny cause I am not a good photographer nor was I interested in the subject before. ;)

I know it was a bit random but hope you enjoyed this post.
I will resume with my usual swatch and look posts soon. 

Have a great week, everyone! :)


  1. I really love Flowerbomb too! I always get compliments when I wear it :)

    Did you try Thierry Mugler's Womanity too? It's a great scent and by your choice of perfumes I think you'd love it!!!

  2. I've become quite addicted to Instagram since I went on vacation and have been posting waaaay tooo much! I know it will slow down significantly once I get back to my full-time job ;P

  3. i am trying not to post too many although i want to. lol
    istagram is fun and addicting. i should be careful. ;p

  4. lol. and i do a funny dance, too! ;p
    i've only tried cashmere mist from DK and to think about it, it is a nice cozy winter scent, too. i will try the woman as well when i get a chance. thanks for the rec!

    i just added the sulfate free poo/con from l'oreal to my rotations. which one are you using?

  5. I'm currently using a shampoo by Tashoodi (Canadian brand) but one of my favourites is actually Burt's Bee's pomegranate shampoo.

  6. Lol!! Everyday is still good!! I check instagram everyday lol I just don't have pretty pics to post that often lol plus I love ur pictures esp the ones of NY! ! Yeah cowashing would help since you have to wash your hair twice! All you'll need Is a clarifying conditioner which would do the same job a moisturizing shampoo :)

  7. oooh i will look into "clarifying conditioner" thanks!

  8. you noticed, huh? lolz
    i tried to post less than 3 a day time apart.
    i should try using conditioner only at some point. i just started working out again and sometimes i have to wash my hair twice which is too much even for my strong hair. ;p

  9. "spritz in the air and do a little dance under" buahaha I do that for my sprays too. Have you tried Donna Karen's Woman?? I have fallen in love with that scent and have been wearing it often.
    Pfft you don't need to be a good photog to be on Insta! So many of my friends are addicted but I just randomly go on it.. haha

    hmm I want to try mixting some of my shampoo with condition now but I'm reverted back to my old ways and have started using sulfate-free shampoo.

  10. loved this post!! lol ure always on instagram! i love it too, looking at pretty photos is a nice way to relax!! i just started doing my brows too! i do em last, I'm yet to fill em though, since i started taking biotin pills they became fuller so I'm too scared to fill em lol I love co washing my hair! i stopped shampooing it this winter i only do so when i use a chemical straightener/relaxer, apart from than i co wash with tressemme or mane and tail! it leaves your hair softer and easier to manage!!

  11. memoiselle memoiselleMarch 17, 2013

    I like this post!
    I just recently started using John Frieda products but I haven't seen much improvement. I also like to apply my foundation with stippling brush, it helps me to apply my foundation much better.

  12. thanks! :)
    i like john frieda a lot better than other drugstore brands hair care but i still need extra something to take care of my winter hair. good that they offer wider range for different hair type.
    for this set, i am really fond of the smell, actually.

    yeah..the stippling brush changed many thing for me as well! :)

  13. I have Hanae Mori Butterfly and it's very you! :)

    Interesting re: baby shampoo for the face! Sometimes I pass the baby aisle and think that I should just use those and think they'd be perfectly fine if not better than the multitude of things we keep trying out as adults.

    And I have that stippling brush - Larie gave it to me last year. :DDD

  14. haha thank you. it is one of the few gourmand i can wear and it is a boy magnet! lolz

    i think a lot of people feel the same way as we do. that's why Johnsons' came up with this "we took care of you then, we take care of you now" advertising, i guess. smart, right? ;p

  15. Journey SonMarch 17, 2013

    Awesome tips! never heard of co-washing, I guess I will have to try this tonight.

    I find your blog so helpful, I am following you on Bloglovin'
    Hope to find many more posts in future <33


  16. thank you so much for adding me to your reading list!
    hope this washing method works out for you as well. ;)

  17. Loving this post! I love my RT stippling brush too. I have also really enjoyed instagraming, your photos are always beautiful and artistic!

  18. thank you, Taylor! :)
    i am having so much fun with instagram. i maybe a little behind my blogging because of that. lolz

  19. Raimar GuevaraMarch 17, 2013

    Your fragrances look very nice, aww Johnson, well actually I have seen very active on Instagram :)

  20. yeah. i have a soft spot for Johnson's baby products. ;)

  21. Mishelle's Sleepy TimeMarch 17, 2013

    I love that stippling brush too! I love heavier scents so much :)

  22. i wanna get more of RT brushes. i am using this stippling brush daily now. :)

  23. i love instagram. i enjoy looking at everybody's photos. it gives you a glimpse into their lives. lena this was a great post. i love flowerbomb. it smells so good. i'm definitely going to try the Johnson's head to toe wash and try a brush for application of my foundation. i've heard nothing but good things.

  24. i feel the same way, Kim!
    there are tons of great pictures but i love to see the people behind them.
    i do recommend RT brushes and i am looking to get more for myself as well!

  25. I have never heard of co-washing, but I should try it out... hehe~ It sounds good for simple hair like mine. :) Btw, I love the packaging of all your perfumes. It's just so beautiful!

  26. this works for me cause i have longer hair with oily scalp. i am too scared of just using conditioner, though.
    please let me know how you like it!

    sometimes i buy perfume for its packaging. terrible, isn't it? lol

  27. I have Angel too but mine looks blue? It has become discoloured though, no thanks to the sun. I haven't used it in a while, so Idk whether the scent changed *sniff*

  28. i think it is also the camera or the light setting. it is in a light blue bottle and i actually didn't notice the juice is kinda yellowish before. lol
    i keep all my fragrance in a cabinet, this way they age better than wine and some smell even better, i think. :)

  29. I just use conditioner to wash my hair on a daily basis; saves sooo much time in the shower

  30. my scalp gets quite oily after a day so i don't know using just conditioner would work for me, but i think i'd try it on a day i go work out. sometimes i have to wash my hair twice a day and it is too much..

  31. The Rimmel Professional Eyebrow pencil is also one of my staples. I have gone through a few of the Brown Black shade. I just recently got onto Instagram too and I can understand why it is addictive!!

  32. i really like it!
    i also bought a japanese brand on line, but unfortunately it is too red to my likings. i need something more grey-ish.
    welcome to instagram. will look forward to more of your picstures. :)

  33. Number 2 is really interesting. I've never heard of it. Please report back.

  34. so far i am liking it very much. i will update. :)

  35. I like your co-washing method! I love to wash my hair every three days, but I can't stand my sweaty hair after workout. I will try that from today :D

  36. thank you.
    my scalp gets oily after two days and sometimes i have to wash twice when i go to heavy workout, so i came up with this.
    so far so good! :)

  37. i have never heard of co-washing! interesting. and one of our clients was just telling up the other day that baby shampoo is not good for the hair!! crazy how something gentle enough for baby's eyes is not good for the hair...

    thanks for sharing your list!

  38. i don't know how bad baby shampoo is for my hair but it does turn into straws if i used it. lolz
    it is great for everything else, though. :)

  39. I really liked this post! :D I never thought about doing eyebrows last; I do them first, too (or I skip them, now that I have bangs! LOL). I also do the spritz and whirl, as well. So funny!

  40. thank you, Larie!
    hair style also affect on many levels, i guess!

    i have to spray some scents directly on me like behind my ears but these heavier scents are just too much for that. i'd be dizzy. lol

  41. I love that you pointed out about the baby shampoo and purpose cleanser. Also, Clean & Clear Gentle Acne Cleanser is literally identical to purpose cleanser (also johnson and johnsons) but cheaper! It's the strangest thing. Anyway - Baby/super gentle shampoo remains an essential for me (most recently, I've been using Kirk's Naturals), it's so multipurpose - I use it as a body wash, to clean makeup brushes, and just as a shampoo (I didn't like Johnson & Johnsons as a shampoo tho). I have that stippling brush and really like it too - not for foundations, but perfect for blush application :)

  42. thanks for reminding about the brush cleanser part! it does work really well for that purpose.
    i find aveeno has identical lotions but their baby version is cheaper. these tricky tricky companies!! lolz

  43. Flowerbomb! <3 I bought mine this year because of you raving about it before, and I love it!
    & instagram is so fun, I love looking at the pics you snap around NYC!

  44. really? i am glad to have enabled you since it is a gorgeous scent!
    i find it much more wearable than the Angel.

    and i love your outfit and food pics on instagram as well!

  45. I LOVED this post! =D I'll have to try co-washing sometime! I've actually never heard of it until now!
    Can't wait to read more!
    Twitter: Sensiblestylist

  46. thank you!
    i have healthy hair with oily scalp. it is still long so i had to modify a little bit.
    hope it works for you as well. :)

  47. Hi Lena, I love your instagrams and always look forward to seeing them! I hadn't heard of co-washing before, but it seems to be a pretty neat concept!

  48. awww thank you, Dovey! that means a lot to me.
    i am connecting with my blog friends on a different level as well as meeting lots of new interesting people.

    i came up with this washing method because my scalp gets quite oily sometimes. using only conditioner wouldn't do it for me. ;)

  49. This was a lovely post, I might try mixing shampoo and conditioner as an additional step when I wash my hair and see how it goes :D

  50. thank you, Chloe!
    let me know how you like this modified co-washing method for yourself. :)

  51. Hi Lena, I think you are my scents buddy now :D I like heavy scents, even in summer. I haven't found my perfect brush for cream blushes, I heard a lot of good things about the RT ones, maybe I should invest and see how I will get along with them. I love reading such post actually ;)

  52. some people just smell gorgeous wearing heavier scents regardless of the season. i guess you're one of them!
    i usually like florals with warm woody base like Chloe EDT and i have a few favorites from Bvlgari.

    this brush really has surprised me. for its price, i think it is really awesome. :)

  53. I love my Coco Mademoiselle. I've been using it every day for the last few months. LOL! For cream blushes, I dot some on my cheeks, and use the RT contour face brush to blend it out. It's small and helps blend out the cream blush seamlessly :-) You should do posts like this more often, actually!

  54. i've had that full bottle unopened for years since i always get sample sprays. i am finally ready to open it. :)
    i wanna get more RT brushes. i will definitely look in to the brush you mentioned. thank you!

  55. Hey Lena, I like your doing eyebrows last tip! I agree the shape/color have to be adjusted depending on the looks, though I've more or less failed to do that so far LOL

    It's actually really nice to read a post like this! I'm always interested in learning new tricks :)

  56. thank you, Sunny!
    i had fun doing this post as well.
    this new eyebrow realization made me want to explore more eyebrow products. you just can't win. lolz

  57. great post,Lena! I also love the real techniques stippling brush! I use it mostly to apply my cream blush and it works really well!
    heavy scents are really my fave too, esp in colder months ;)

  58. thank you, Pam! :)
    i don't know what was stopping me from trying these brushes. they are really great and i wanna get more. ;)

  59. great post lena!!
    me too, i love perfumes which are sweeter, sexy, woody more mature scents..
    im not really into flower scented perfumes..

  60. thank you, Camilla!
    i usually wear florals with woody musk base but having more fun with these deeper scents lately. :)

  61. I've tried co-washing before, and did didn't work out well. My hair looked amazing, but my back broke out :( Maybe I'll try out your method though and see if it works!

  62. ah, that would be possible especially when you have longer hair.
    i wouldn't just use conditioner for washing since my scalp can get quite oily. ;)

  63. Love your Instagram! You always post lovely pictures, most of them have a serenity to them. And I love your shots of NYC :) I think winter is perfect for wearing more musky, heavier fragrances. Something about the cold and the atmosphere really suits it. Love Real Techniques - they make my favourite brushes!

  64. awww thank you!
    i am not good at drawing or anything art related, so naturally i am a bit afraid of photography. i am having so much fun, though!

    and i am looking to get more or RT brushes. :)

  65. Nothing beats Chanel Coco Mademoiselle! I'm so tempted to purchase it again.
    I'm definitely going to try co-washing my hair & using stipple brush for foundations.

    PrettyGloss - makeup, beauty & a lil gibberish

  66. i took some time for me to appreciate coco mademoiselle but it is such a sexy scent if you wear it right. ;)
    do try them let me know how you like!

  67. Eyebrows are so important since they frame our faces :) Your co-washing method sounds interesting. In the winter I tend to skip shampoo every other time I wash my hair and just rinse and do a light condition. I've been finding that it actually makes my hair behave better.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  68. i try to wash my hair every other day as well but sometimes it is hard since i do bikram yoga.
    my scalp gets quite oily so i wouldn't use conditioner only. that would be a nice conditioning, though. :)


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