Review - AliExpress Swarovski Elements Crystal Bracelet

I was approached by a fashion jewelry online site called c/o AliExpress by Alibaba about a product review opportunity.
This site features a wide variety of fashion jewelry and other products with very affordable prices since they are directly from the manufacturing sources.

For my review, I received this stunning 18K white gold plated bracelet with icy blue crystal accent. :)

You can see the product info here

This is a very well made high quality fashion bracelet with great details.
Most of all, I am quite shocked by the amazing price. 
I know that I would have to pay at least three times more for a piece of similar quality if from a retail store.
I also like that this bracelet is nickle free and hypoallergenic because I am allergic to certain metal types.

I think pictures would speak for themselves, so..

My review package came in a neat box with a thank you card. :)

Fresh out of the box
The main accents are carefully protected by plastic.
It comes with an extender which I took off later on since my wrist is on the smaller side.

As you see in these close up pics, it is very well made with nice craftsmanship.
Love the radiant cut crystal and pavé design!

On my wrist

It sits quite comfortably and feels light on my wrist.

Simple yet eye catching

Overall, I am quite impressed with the quality and the design.
However, the most amazing part would be the fantastic price and their free shipping offer to the U.S. on most items.
If you're into fashion jewelry and like to color coordinate your outfits with different accessories, this site would be a great place to shop. 
You can make quite a haulage without feeling so guilty about it. ;p

(Woody is worried about another future addiction of mine...)

I thank AliExpress by Alibaba for this reviewing opportunity as well as the beautiful bracelet!

Thanks for reading. ;)

The product mentioned in this post was provided by AliExpress (by Alibaba.com) for review purposes.
All opinions are mine.


  1. Raimar GuevaraMarch 17, 2013

    Wow really cute cute brazalet... I see one picture of this en Instagram... Really beautiful sweetie nice review...


  2. My mom is a fan of swarovski crystals an I can't be much happier to have seen this. Best birthday gift ideas for her. Hands down. Thanks!

  3. Hi dear! This bracelet is wonderful !!

  4. Oh it's beautiful ! It sparkles so nicely. I love the simple yet beautiful design.

  5. Oh my GOD, why didn't they ask me?? hahahaha :D
    Wow, this is sooo amazingly pretty! *w* I looove it and I want it! Great review <3


  6. I love Swarovski bracelets! Beautiful!

  7. it's so delicate and the blue is the right touch to bring out its beauty!

  8. i think it would be perfect for summer but the vivid medium color is also nice for witer, i guess. ;)

  9. lol. me, too!
    i am trying not to start a crystal obsession. it's already bad enough. ;p

  10. they totally should! :)
    i was just browsing through their site and it's lot of fun. it seems they even have clothing. ;)

  11. thank you, Xin!
    i agree with you. i was afraid it might be a bit too much but it is not at all! :)

  12. thank you Moeri!
    hope you're doing well. ^-^

  13. thank you, sweetie! :)

  14. OMG this is so pretty!! I love it so much!
    It looks eye catchy but also dainty and not too much.. Love!

  15. thanks! i love blue anything :)
    i guess it's the beauty of "plated" metal. ;p
    it looks like solid white gold, though.

  16. It's so pretty! Wow, super affordable for 18k white gold! Blue is a really nice color on you. =)

  17. thank you!
    i am thinking about giving this away to my readers although it's technically not new.
    what do you think? ;)

  18. I think all your readers would be happy to see any kind of giveaway! lol,,
    Btw, I've browsed the website and I'm really interested to order some products since they're really affordable for the quality they promise.. It sounds in some way, too good to be true lol..
    Do you recommend to buy from the seller? I can see in your review that the bracelet is so pretty and well made..

  19. thanks for your input!
    i haven't worn this out or anything. only wore it for photographing but i was bit worried about giving out something not in "mint" condition. ;p
    i will seriously consider this.

    as for the purchase from their site, i can't recommend from my own personal experience simply because i haven't bought anything from them, yet.
    i do believe it would be a satisfactory judging by the piece i received, though.
    i would suggested making a small haul to see. do they offer free shipping to germany as well? that would be nice. ;)

  20. Such a gorgeous bracelet! It looks great on your pale, hairless arm. :P

  21. haha thanks, Alyssa! you're too funny! ;D
    i guess i am lucky. i have very little hair on my arms and legs. lolz

  22. This is a very beautiful piece of crystal bracelet. Crystal jewellery can be wear in any occasion and any place. With any types of outfits crystal necklace or bracelets or earrings looking stunning and create a charming feelings. Thanks for sharing this nice piece.


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