Review, Swatch - e.l.f Mineral Lipstick & Studio Lip Balm SPF 15

I happily used up the e.l.f Studio High Definition Powder, so I made a small NECESSARY haul from e.l.f recently.
Of course, a couple of unnecessary  items ended up in my shopping cart as well.
You know how hauling works. ;)

L to R
e.l.f. Studio Exact Lash Mascara, Lip Balm SPF 15 and  Mineral Lipstick

Exact Lash Mascara is designed to be used on lower lashes with tiny angled brush. 
Take a look. ;)

However, today's reviews are about the lippies I got. :)

(I don't think I was very impressed with the Exact Lash Mascara, but more importantly, I haven't used this product enough to review.)

e.l.f. Studio Lip Balm SPF 15 in Peach

swatch on arm

lip swatch

My choice of color, Peach  is a very pretty and juicy coral.
It feels moisturizing and comfortable on lips and has a faint minty scent and flavour.
I think the color payoff is actually good for a lip balm and the slim and sturdy matte black packaging is quite nice for its humble price. :)
SPF 15 protection is always a nice bonus. (although I can't help but think about the sunscreen agent I would be eating!)
This reminds me of L'Oreal Colour Riche Balms a lot.

e.l.f. Mineral Lipstick in Barely Bitten

swatch on arm

lip swatch

Okay, I admit that I chose this color because my fellow blogger Pamela  has tipped me it is a good dupe for the MAC LE Cyndi  lipstick. ;)

I wasn't interested in Cyndi  a bit when it was launched last year, but it was the last February that I felt the sudden urge of getting it!
I actually went to a local MAC counter and innocently asked for a stick of Cyndi,  and the rep looked at me as if she was saying "You poor ignorant thing", then she advised me to look for it online. 
A true story. ;p

I did search on line but have no intention to shell out $55 for a MAC lipstick (just because it is a discontinued Limited Edition), so I am happy to settle with this super affordable e.l.f. alternative.
It is a shame that I can't really make a comparison between these two, though. ;)

As for the lipstick itself, I think it is a pretty decent one if I am not blown away.
I like its complex almost-hard-to-describe red color. It is a brick red from the tube, but it shows up a coral red with some pink undertone on my lips. 
This is a medium coverage lipstick with slight sheen and comfortable feeling.
The staying power is average and fades away gradually without looking blotchy. 
Good enough for me. ;)
It is also nice to know this lipstick is paraben free and made with natural ingredients.

Have you tried these products?
What are your thoughts? Any color recommendation? ;-)

Thanks for reading.
I wish everyone a great week! :)


  1. Those lippies look really nice :) I love elf products. Thanks for sharing

  2. I like the sound of moisturizing lipstick. The coral color looks great on you.

  3. GlitzGlamBudgetMarch 06, 2012

    Honestly overall I love ELF products, yes some products can be "cheap" but majority of their stuff rocks! I am loving the lip balm & lip stick...such pretty colors!

  4. I love the peach lipbalm, the color is really sweet and cute...loves...^_^~

  5. You have the fullest, most luscious-looking, and well-defined lips EVER! Sooo unfair :p

    I can get e.l.f products here, but I haven't got around to trying them out yet. Looks like I should!

    Have a good week too Lena!

  6. yey you got the lipstick ! ;D
    I haven't tried their lipbalm, not sure tho if the lipbalm is available on elf germany website, since we're always late :/
    oh no,now I have the urge to check into elf website.lol

  7. Naomi HingMarch 06, 2012

    I like the balm! into balms lately.1 Also glad to see the GFC back up! yippie

  8. ShoppingObsessionMarch 06, 2012

    I love the peachy-coral color. So cute. I have heard a lot of good things about the Elf studio line lipsticks. Will have to yet to find where to get some to try.

  9. $30 for MAC? I had to double-check where you live. In these parts they run at $14.50 ^.^ Have you used the Clinique bottom lash mascara? I was considering this elf one as an alternative.

  10. Always wanted to try ELF products since so affordable but they're not available here. I like the colour of that lip balm and it's good that it feels moisturising on the lips. And hurrah for vastly cheaper dupes of higher end products.

  11. Pretty lippie colors! I'm so envious of your ability to pull off a wide range of lip colors. I had no idea MAC lipsticks were $30 now. I can think of better things to spend $30 on than a single lipstick.
    rolala loves

  12. hey, lena! nice reviews. no, haven't tried these products, but i would try. i'm not picky about the way it applies.. the color is the most important... the peach and both brick-ish red are very subtle and pretty. very natural. i can't shell out $30 on lipstick either... :) hope all's well, and i'd be honored if you have time to enter my gift card giveaway. :) hugs!

  13. hey Jasmine :)
    thanks for your comment!
    i agree with you. i'd never pay more than the regular price for a MAC lipstick not that they are not nice or anything. ;p

    i'd love to enter your giveaway. i am actually a little behind of my reading.
    see you on your blog! :D

  14. thanks, Rolala!
    i usually go for pink and pinky nude colors but actually i made some efforts(?) to go out of my comfort zone and venture out. lol
    i may have been confusing in my post, but MAC lipstick is still under $15. Cyndi was discontinued so online price is kinda jacked up. ;-/

  15. Penelope_LMarch 06, 2012

    Such great choices! I especially love the look of Barely Bitten. It's such a gorgeous shade!

  16. i believe elf is growing company and soon reach where you live.
    i have my favorites from elf but honestly i don't think they are worth paying for higher cost for international shipping. :)
    finding affordable dupes is fun, right? ^-^

  17. sorry, Sarah. i was totally misleading and not very clear in my post (which is not editied!). ;p
    it was doubled up online because of it's discontinued status. :)

    as for the mascara, i added an additional img for your information. i haven't used the clinique one, but will do an updated post after i use this a couple more times. ^-^

  18. hey, thanks! :)
    i believe elf is avail online in canada.
    before, elf used to be hit or miss kinda brand for me, but now i have figured out what's good and even have staples.
    now you make me wanna do another post about "what to try from e.l.f" :)

  19. heheh yippie, indeed! :)

    thanks, Naomi. tinted lip balms are so easy to use. :)

  20. all thanks to you! :D
    (and sorry for your urge. lol)

    the lip balm is fairly new to the line. i am sure you will see it soon if it is not there already!

  21. huh? i saw your lip swatch, Sunny. speak for yourself. lol

    i only have a few favorites from the basic line but love studio and mineral lines. give it a try if you see them. :)

  22. thanks, Janet!
    i like it a lot, too. i see myself wearing this often.
    it is quite glossy as well. :)

  23. i feel the same way!
    especially those studio and mineral lines are real good deals for the price, right? :)

  24. i think they are really thriving and getting better.
    good for them! (and for us! ^-^)

  25. thank you. :)
    i am glad i picked thses slightly-out-of-my-comfort-zone colors.
    i will do an overall look post usind the lipstick thanks to your compliment! :)

  26. Susan HangMarch 06, 2012

    Aww that exact lash thing is so cute. I've been wanting to try "lower lash" mascara products...hmm, do update the review please. Haven't had much luck with ELF lip products, but maybe I need to start trying them again!

  27. Oooh it looks like the clinique one! I've always toyed with the idea of buying it just for the brush, but I could never bring myself to do it. Maybe this ELF one would work!

  28. Lena, I haven't tried e.l.f anything! I am VERY impressed with the products you've presented. The lipsticks I have are just too heavy. I'm starting not to like them. What I like about the two you've shown is that they give you the color you need without being overpowering or overwhelming or LIPSTICKY! hahaha I will definitely have to try this my blog buddy! Your comments on my post were sweet, so true and very much appreciated. We blog and learn together my friend. Anything I can do just let me know. Wishing you a wonderful day.

  29. Thank you Lena for the swatch!! I want to try this brand ^^

  30. ShoppingObsessionMarch 06, 2012

    That would be great if you could do a post on your recommendations on Elf studio line so I could try placing the order online. Thanks so much!

  31. sure thing!
    thanks for the post inspiration, hun. :)
    i will do a post this week. ^-^

  32. you're welcome, Moeri. :)
    they are quite nice for the price.

  33. i used to only wear lip glosses but i like sheer glossy lipstick the best. i guess it is good for the upcoming season.:)

    i loved your post today and felt very blessed to have a friend like you.
    thanks,Kim! :)

  34. i will do an update post soon. :)
    there is a tiny mascara from maybelline. i wonder if they still make it.

  35. lol. it looks quite tiny and cute. the handle is a little weired to use, i think.
    i didn't like lippies from the bascic line but i like these quite a bit. give them a try. :)

  36. Heel in MintMarch 06, 2012

    I love their prices and the colors are so pretty. They look great on you.

    Heel in Mint

  37. thank you!
    i agree with you. their price is really great and the quality seems to get better every time. :)

  38. Debi ChakrabortyMarch 07, 2012

    the colours are quite lovely..i though the 1st lipcolor would be a bit more orange..but it's so soft..

  39. I have yet to try something from e.l.f., but I'm really blown away by how much they cost given all the positive reviews I've read. Peach looks lovely! It's definitely one of those shades I can wear everyday!

  40. I haven't tried any of these but I tend to like E.L.F's products. The masacara brush looks interesting.. I own only one mascara from them and love it (voluminous fibre mascara I THINK). Mascara is one of those things that I always have the hardest time finding.. so many of them make my lashes droop! :(

    Anyway, I absolutely love the lip balm. I definitely have to get some!

  41. ooh, i was actually considering the mascara you mentioned when i made this order.
    i feel the same way. i have stick straight asian lashes, most mascara just uncurl my curled lashes.

    i really like the lip balm. hope they can bring more colors out soon! :)

  42. i'd stay way from the basic line except for a few, but their studio/mineral lines are absolutely nice for the price.
    i usually wear pink more than peach/coral, but i am loving this one! :)

  43. i love that about the lip balm. ;)
    the color is sheer but definitely there to show. ^-^

  44. Everytime I shop, I end up with unnecessary items in my shopping cart too.. it's just our nature :) Love the two colours you picked out though - they'll be fantastic for Spring!

  45. lol what is wrong with us? ;D
    i am glad i didn't go with my usual pinks this time.
    i specially like the lipbalm a lot!

  46. wow u make me wanna go to the website and buy some more elf products!! i haven't tried the tinted lip balms yet i wanna now!!! omgg im out of my hi-def powder too....lmbo my new excuse!! elf haul time!! hehehe

  47. lol i know how you feel!
    getting more high-def powder is an excellent excuse. i say "go girl!" :D


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