Reveiw, Comparison - Milani Liquif'eye & Prestige Total Intensity Eyeliners

My search for a perfect dark eyeliner that will last on my lower waterlines still continues, but I have kinda made my peace with the possibility that I might never find it.
Maybe my waterlines are simply too watery for anything to stick, which is probably a good thing since my optometrist once told me my eyes are quite suitable for contact lens wearing because of that. ;)

However, my search goes on as I said, so I included a Milani Liquif'eye metallic eye liner pencil in my recent Milani haul.
(This haul was, by the way, about those baked blushes. Keep your eyes peeled for my next swatch post for them! ;p)

Milani Liquif'eye metallic eyeliner pencil 01 Black

I have been using Prestige Total Intensity eyeliners and I am quite fond of them. 
I usually wear the black color (01 Deepest Black) on my upper waterlines and it lasts pretty much all day without irritating my eyes.
This seems quite similar to the Milani Liquif'eye, so I wanted to do a comparison post. ;)
(They both are made in Germany. Actually, all the decent eyeliners I've used are made in Germany. Interesting, isn't it?  Dear Germany, are you a strong eyeliner country that we didn't know of? ;p )

Milani Liquif'eye & Prestige Total Intensity

Prestige Total Intensity (top)
Milani Liquif'eye (bottom)

They both go on very smoothly with great intensity, but the Milani one feels more liquid-y and leaves a slight sheen where the Prestige liner provides a matte finish.

smudge test
Prestige Total Intensity (top)
Milani Liquif'eye (bottom)

I did some serious rubbing on these swatched lines, and they smudged quite minimal.

Milani Liquif'eye does everything it claims except for the "all day wear" part.
It goes on very smoothly and provides intense color and definition. 
It is good to know that this liner is paraben free as well. ;)

However, it only lasted on my lower waterlines just as long as the Prestige liner does, which is for about 3-4 hours. 
(They eventually give me black eye snot. eeeeeeek)

Don't get me wrong. It is still a great pencil liner for the price and I would recommend it if waterproof liners like this usually stay on you.
It is just that this one was no match for my super wet waterlines.
I will still use this on my lash lines and upper waterlines, though. :)

Have you tried these liners?
Do you find them staying on your waterlines? :)


  1. I have been looking for a dupe for Mac;s Feline eye kohl. I have heard so many great reviews about this eyeliner.. but they don't sell it in Toronto... I think I need to pick this up online.
    Thanks for the great review hun.


  2. I don't actually use black pencils/kohl liners because I can't find a decent one + I can't smudge properly for the life of me.

  3. Eva_Chic_ProfessionalMarch 25, 2012

    Haha. Black eye snot isn't fun. Thanks for the honest reviews. I might not use these on my waterline, but perhaps it'll work on my lids.

  4. I really want to try this.it's super pigmented!

  5. The only thing I've found to last on my water lines is gel liner, but these looks really great! I keep looking for the Milani one but can never seem to find it!

  6. Black eye snot?! lol Aww. I tried Milani Liquifeye a while ago and it smeared a lot on me. I don't know if I had one from a bad batch or I just didn't get it enough time to dry before opening my eyes or blinking, but everyone seems to love it so maybe I would give it a try again when I need a new pencil liner. Thanks for the review and comparison (great pics!). Good luck finding something that will last longer for you!

  7. Ew black eye snot. Dx Like you I have really smudgy watery undereyes as well. I've never tried prestige pencils, although their liquid liners are most excellent.

  8. Haha black eye snot. You're funny ;)

    I seldom line my water line to be honest. I might smudge a little liner into my water line when I'm lining my lash line but that's about it. Even gel liner smudges on me after a while, so I doubt any pencil is up for the challenge!

  9. ShoppingObsessionMarch 25, 2012

    I have exactly the same mission as you, smudged eyeliner on the lower lines. I have tried many but nothing works to perfection yet. Think so far the Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner smudges the least. Read a lot of good reviews with the Milani. After your smudge tests, I may give it a try but yet have to find where I can get it.

  10. Naomi HingMarch 25, 2012

    Milani's eye pencil use to work for me and all of a sudden my waterline starts going super watery on me. My search still continues so if I find one I will let you know.

  11. I haven't tried any of these liners even though I've been thinking about getting the Milani one for ages...Have you tried using gel liner instead? I find that works best, at least on me :) xx

  12. i have accepted that i won't find a kajal that won't leak..but honestly i say 3-4 hours is pretty good..i do like the milani one better..it's got a very slight glistening smooth effect ..from what i can tell from the photos!

  13. wow theyre so silimar, i've yet to get my hands on the milani, ive heard good stuff about it ^_^
    anyways great post!! now following

    stop by my blog and follow if you like!

  14. i think my search for a waterline eyeliner will continue till the day i am too old to line my waterline hahahhaa i have tried the milani & it's sooo smooth & soft. it doesn't last on my waterline more than a couple hours either. so far only mac fluidline lasts a few more hrs longer, like 5-6hrs.

  15. Thanks so much for this detailed review. I've only tried two eyeliners in my life, so I totally took notes :D

  16. I've never had a liner last more than few hours on my waterlines, and I have dry eyes! I think short of a tattoo, that may be the best we can expect.

  17. I've never tried those. Lena, there is an eyeliner by Urban Decay called 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Perversion (black). It will not budge. The only thing is it's pin needle precision (great for lining the bottom of your eyes). Not if you want a thick line. I learned about it from another blogger and tried it. IT doesn't budge. You can wipe wipe wipe and it won't move. FYI

  18. Penelope_LMarch 26, 2012

    I haven't tried anything from the Milani brand before, so thanks for the informative review!

  19. great review! i also have the same problem finding a liner for my waterline, still haven't found one that stays either.

  20. ah i thought i was alone! even gel liners fail on me. T,.T

  21. Milani used to be a tiny brand that mainly made cosmetics for women of colors, now they are quite popular for their excellent products. :)

  22. thanks for the info, Kim!
    i don't usually go for liquid liners but i'd love to try it.
    this milani pencil is actually compared to the pencil version of UD 24/7. they say it is as good. :)

  23. lol :)
    let us not lose hope and keep searching.
    i could never go through tatto especailly not on my waterlines. owww ;p

  24. you are very welcome.
    i am an eyeliner newbie myself. :)

  25. lolz i don't think we could ever get too old for waterlining! ;p
    someone told me a dried-up icky gel liners would work best on waterlines..maybe i should try that! ;D

  26. hey Jill!
    thanks for visiting and adding me to your list.
    i am following you now. ;)

  27. you are right! the milani one gives shinier liquid liner like finish.
    i just gave it a full test and it does stay long but i wish the effect was more natural, though.
    kajal stays longer for me if not forever..maybe i should look into more kajal. ;p

  28. i've only tried mac and stila gel liners and they all kinda failed on me. T,.T
    my next attempt would be drying up the pot first then try it on my waterlines. lol

  29. thanks Naomi!
    it is a shame that the milani stopped working for you, though..;/

  30. i shall give the BB one a try!
    i don't know how to explain, but the issue is the water! it seems to just lift up whatever that is on.
    do let me know if you find a nice liner! :)

  31. heheh
    i don't know what people call this in an easy term. it is interesting! ;p
    ah i wish someone invented a perfect liner for our dilemma. that would be nobel cosmetic prize worthy!

  32. oh i didn't know the prestige liquid liners are nice!
    thanks for the info, Katherine. ;)
    i guess there are many who suffer from the same eyelining problem. ;p

  33. lol. what do you call it? my SO says "eye boogers" ewww
    i guess rheum is the proper word. :)

    the milani liner does smear a lot if you don't wait a bit..and i find it very soft and liquid-y as well..
    i am trying a different application method..will update soon on how it went. :)

  34. you're lucky at least gel liners work for you!! :)
    milani is not a major brand, it seems. i have to go to certain drugstore and order online to get them. ;)

  35. give them a try! they are really intense.:)

  36. they both work really well on lash lines and even on upper waterlines. :)

  37. i agree black liners are harder to blend!
    this milani one is a bit more so than the prestige one..i need to work really fast to smudge it properly. ;p

  38. you're more than welcome.
    i've heard many nice things about the MAC feline!
    kohl and kajal stay better on me for some reason..i should try it myself. :)

  39. I don't usually wear liner on my waterline but when I do, they never last too long. So I'm in the same boat as you. haha

  40. Lol my sister calls it that too, I guess either way is ewww. XD

    Aw well I guess I'm relieved to hear it wasn't just me being an airhead with the milani liner.

    Hmmm...you can just do the gyaru eye liner look, you know, where they draw it way below their waterline to make their eyes look bigger! jk That's actually quite scary and odd looking in real life compared to the models in magazines, hehe.

    Good luck with the different method!

  41. i honestly think that is a smart thing to do!
    if God wanted us to have dark lines on them, wouldn't he have already inspired someone to invent a good liner? lolz

  42. lolz i totally agree that gyaru look could be too much in real life!
    for example, GEO mimi chocolate brown look totally scary on me. ;p
    i applied the milani eyeliner as if i was dotting the line, and it looks more natural and seems to last a bit longer. :)

  43. hahaha that's one way of thinking about it! It's actually pretty surprising nothing good has popped up though!

  44. i know, right? :D
    especially that eyeliner history goes way back!

  45. Hooray! Glad you found a better method. I would have never thought of dotting the line, lol. Thanks for the tip!

  46. being asian, a good liner is a must. i need something that's totally waterproof and something that'll last all day... otherwise i'm going to look like a crazy racoon! lol...

  47. I still haven't come across an eyeliner that doesn't smudge on my lower lashline either, I'd always just thought my eyes are just super watery. But I've heard lots about Milani Liquify eyeliners, definitely want to try them out!

  48. you're welcome! :D
    have a nice weekend, Diana!

  49. i am surprised that almost everyone has the same problem with eyeliners!
    i think the best part of milani liner is the intense color.
    it is worth trying since it is always compared to UD 14/7 liners. let me know how you like it. ;)

  50. what is your favorite?
    i'd love to try. i only started wearing eyeliners 3-4 years ago..still so many things to try and learn! :)


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