NOTD - Butter London The Black Knight and GFC question

I am sorry I haven't updated for close to a week.
I wanted to do a review post yesterday, but I guess I was too distracted and frustrated about the "Google Friends Connect" situation here.
(My GFC wouldn't load up and it has been that way more than 24 hours now. I tried different browsers and a couple of troubleshooting, but nothing has worked so far...T,.T)

To ease the pain(?), I decided to get my new goody "The Black Knight" on my tips.
We always feel better when we look at pretty things, right? ^-^;

Butter London The Black Knight

I think I have said this already but I am going to say it again. ;)
The Black Knight  is the prettiest glitter polish in my book. Period.
It is gloriously packed with pink, red, silver and blue glitters in black base. So pretty!
(The pictures speak for themselves, right?)

Unlike No more waity, Kaitie  (the other glitter polish I have tried from Butter London), the formula is thicker and application is quite easy for a glitter polish and provide good coverage with 2 coats. :)

*I am sorry to bother you guys, but could you tell me if you see GFC on my sidebar? I am seriously considering to take down GFC and ask my readers to follow me on Bloglovin' since I have heard GFC will be gone even from bloggers after a couple months. What are your thoughts on this?*

Thank God, now my GFC is working!
I had to remove my custom domain and reinstall it. 
I am still not sure why it didn't work before since I am on blogger and the domain was purchased through google. (*shaking fist at google*)
Thanks for your patience and support. xoxo

Happy weekend, everyone. ^-^*



    But no, honey, I can't see GFC. I've never had it, so I don't know enough to help you. I actually like Bloglovin' a lot more than GFC, because Bloglovin' tells you promptly when any blog you're following just posted a new article. Also, GFC is already being removed as we talk, or at least that's what I heard. Good luck with this!

  2. Gosh Lena this polish looks absolutely stunning on you! The color is even prettier than in the bottle! Your GFC box isn't showing up but you should know that your update still popped up promptly on my Google Reader.

  3. I have mixed feelings whenever I see this polish, however it really looks wonderful on you!

    I don't see GFC on your website :/

  4. This color is sooooo pretty!! ♥
    I don't see GFC but sometimes it's down. I had this 2 times and it was on other blogs as well :D
    And I didn't hear that GFC will be gone for blogspot-blogger, maybe it's just a rumour (:
    Still wait a bit.

  5. i'm still amazed at how different it looks under different conditions :O very pretty indeed :)

    I can't see your gfc widget,why oh why gfc .

  6. Penelope_LMarch 02, 2012

    ooh gorgeous nail polish, such a great shade! you have such beautiful nails.

  7. I don't see your GFC but I know it's happened to a few people where it'll go away for a few days and come back (it's happened to me) are you with blogger or wordpress? I personally use google feeds to read blogs so as long as you have a feed link I'm good but blog lovin' is a good alternative.

    on to the polish. LOVE. IT. I love the Black Knight (the movie) but it reminds me of the galaxy... which I love thus I need this in my collection!

  8. I can't see your GFC on your sidebar :/ must be something wrong,bcause my GFC works just fine.. and is it right they will remove GFC even from blogger? -.- I'm gonna install bloglovin' soon then !

    and btw this nail polish is hammer! really cooooool

  9. ShoppingObsessionMarch 02, 2012

    Gorgeous glitter nail polish!

    No, can't see your GFC on the side. Sorry couldn't be much help to you as mine is working fine.

  10. So pretty! How's the wear on this?? I have Rosie Lee, which I absolutely love, but it chips pretty easily!


  11. Debi ChakrabortyMarch 02, 2012

    love the colour!!
    as far as i know gfc was not supposed to go away for blogger hosted sites..i can't see the gfc on your sidebar!this is scary..

  12. What top coat did you use? I have TBK too, and it eats my top coat :(

    As for GFC, it's gone from non-blogger (blogspot) blogs now.

  13. Naomi HingMarch 02, 2012

    So, so pretty colour!

  14. love this colour =D
    and no, can't see the GFC

  15. gorgeous polish! the glitter makes it less goth than plain black polish - very edgy and fun!

    I can't see the GFC on your page, but I know they were taking it away from sites that weren't blogspot.com addresses. Personally I just copy and paste addresses into my feeds and subscribe that way, but bloglovin sounds like a good alternative.

  16. Donna HsuehMarch 03, 2012

    Love it! Your nails look like the galaxy hahah :D

  17. PetiteMiniMarch 03, 2012

    Hpw pretty!

  18. abegail abundoMarch 03, 2012

    I still can't see your GFC.
    I'm following you on bloglovin.
    I haven't tried black polish yet. This polish looks so cool. :)

  19. Anna Theresa WinklerMarch 03, 2012

    yay i searched for such a polish a long time!!! thanks for sharing :)
    xxx love,


  20. Gareth McNameeMarch 03, 2012

    not being a great fan of nail varnish for myself....this looks like it might make the perfect surprise gift for Mrs G

  21. I love love love the glitter distribution in this. Great colour!

  22. Lina LobefaroMarch 03, 2012

    OMG this polish didn't look that pretty in the store...I might have to buy it now haha thanks for the review sweetie :) xx

  23. wow, that nail polish is fab!!! love it!

    Kisses, Lucy:)

  24. lol. it is definitely a pretty one. also magnified pics help, i guess? ;p

  25. thanks :)
    (thanks twice! ^-^)

  26. sure sure! a very good surprise, i agree. ;)

  27. lol. i am happy for you! :D

  28. now it is working. thanks for adding me on bloglovin' :)

    i can't really wear straight-up black polish, but this is a nice twist!

  29. you are the second person who said galaxy about it. maybe it should be named galaxy. ;p

  30. i agree. nothing goth about this. ;p
    i was super worried before cause i could see other friends GFCs just fine even though they are using custom domains.
    hate google is pushing us to do things like this. ; /

  31. thanks!
    now it is working. thanks for your input. ;)

  32. i use seche vite. :)
    i know what you mean about. it seems that the color gets dull very quickly even after top coat.

  33. thanks Debi :)
    now it is back on. i am so relieved. ^-^;

  34. it's been only days but so far so good. :)
    some glitter polishes chip more easily because of the texture, i guess.

  35. thanks. :)
    now it is fixed. it was quite frustrating!

  36. that's what i heard!
    i know that google wants us to use G+ but i am not happy with the fact they think they can push us to do things like that. ;-/

  37. thanks, Feelo :)
    this color would look awesome on you. i know it!

    now GFC is fixed. apparently it had something to do with my custom domain, which is ridiculous because i see yours had no problem! ;(

  38. thank you, Penelope :D

  39. exactly, why oh why GFC ;(
    i love this color so much! it helped me through the hard times. lol

  40. Blog LoveTherapyMarch 03, 2012

    O that's really pretty. I love it. Thanks for sharing

  41. thanks, Natalie!

    i hope it is a rumour, too.
    i mean anyone would feel very deprived if they remove GFC like that!

  42. thanks Dovey!
    now i am happy to report it is working. ;)

  43. all thanks to you, Rolala! :)
    and thanks for letting me know about the updates. i was just wondering about that. ;)

  44. lol. yeah! break the rule, Sunny! ;p

    i like bloglovin' a lot and i follow you there as well as by daily clicking your link here.
    it is still sad to see GFC is going away. i am so used to it by now!

  45. thanks! my pleasure. :)

  46. Heel in MintMarch 03, 2012

    That is the prettiest black glitter polish I have ever seen!! I can see your GFC btw. I wonder why it wouldn't load up. I have gone through a similar situation before. I usually just wait for a day or so before I go looking for solutions :)

    Heel in Mint

  47. oh bad google :/ let's do bloglovin' and make google dissapointed lol. or don't say bloglovin' belongs to google too? ://

  48. thanks! i totally agree with you. ;)

    as for the GFC situation, i am still sour about it. i like google for constant innovations but sometimes they do stuff without going through enough verifications. ;-/

  49. lol i was thinking the same thing. prolly not, though. ;p

  50. carla carlaMarch 03, 2012

    ok this is wayy too pretty!
    And you make me wanna get the serum on my next purchase!

  51. lol! always happy to enable, girlie! :)

    i really liked the serum and used two bottle in a raw. it was great in my morning routine before sunscreen!

  52. Oooh, I'm sporting something very similar too right now! But it's missing the multi-coloured sparkles! Gorgeous!

  53. Glad to hear your GFC is working again. I had a problem with disqus once and it almost drove my crazy! Black Knight is soooo pretty. I really regret not buying it now!

  54. thank you. ;)
    i was very upset because i thought it was due to my custom domain but then i saw other friends with custom domains had no problem!
    anyway, i am just glad it's working. ^-^;

    i am not buying nail polishes as many cause i feel i've seen (and polished) all, but BL still gets me excited! ;)

  55. thanks!
    i usually steer away from multi color glittered ones, but this one is just special! :)

  56. thoughts of papsMarch 04, 2012

    Yes google plays these funny tricks now and again. So frustrating. I had a different situation with google a few days back. Lovely nail color. So pretty. Do you like to follow each other on GFC and bloglovin? Let me know and will follow you right back.

  57. Ou..so there will be no goggle follower thingy again in a near future??

  58. thanks for understanding the situation :)

    as for your invitation, i don't do exchange following although i usually follow back my new followers if there are blogs or links avail.
    thanks for visiting. ;)

  59. that is the rumour i heard! i really hope that is not the case.
    i mean google can come up with something better and we could migrate our readers or something, but getting rid of it altogether is just plain ridonkulous!!

  60. Eva_Chic_ProfessionalMarch 04, 2012

    Sooo pretty! Looks so unique, too. Was it difficult to remove?

  61. melanie mohrMarch 04, 2012

    this nailpolish is amazing. i prefer the first one, which is a little bit more blue.

  62. thank! they are actually the same polish under different lightings. quite a cameleon, right? ;p

  63. thanks, Eva!
    i just took it off today. it wasn't too bad.;p

  64. That is a gorgeous polish! Wow!

  65. This is totally gorgeous Lena! Both are amazing. :)

  66. the color is so shiny and pretty!!! so sorry about the glitch glad its fixed! GFC is gonna be gone in a few months?

  67. Hey Lena! That nail polish is GORGEOUS girl! I need to BUY that. HAHAHA Sorry you were having trouble with GFC. I can see it in your sidebar. Hopefully everything is ok now. :)

  68. thanks, Kim! :)
    i am relieved to see my GFC is back on now. just curious about what happened before, though..

  69. thanks, Oreleona. ^-^
    about GFC, i hope it is a rumour. we will see. :)

  70. it is such a pretty color!. :)

  71. thanks, Tia.
    it is one of the few that looks pretty under any lighting! :)

  72. This is sooo pretty... Its like an amped up black nailpolish. I love butter london, I have their nailfoundation and it works like a charm - best base I've ever used.

    xoxo champagne

  73. thanks, Ms Champagne! :D
    and thanks for letting me know about the BL basecoat.
    i was actually curious about their foundation and topcoat! ;)

  74. LOL I actually saw 'Butt London' at the first glance.
    Colourful shimmers are lovely!

  75. LoL that is funny >.<
    thanks for stopping by, Isabel! :)


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