The Makeup Box Contest Win - The Prize Goodies! :D

Some of you might remember my entry for "The Makeup Box Interview Project".
To my surprise, Candice @ The Makeup Box has picked me as a winner and sent me the prize of a bunch of cosmetic goodies. :D
I am even more glad and surprised because it was a contest not a random giveaway, and there were so many awesome entries!

There are many items from the brands I don't have an easy access to, I am super excited to try them for myself!

Let's take a look at the goodies she sent. ;) 

Wet 'n' Wild Greed  Palette
I actually own this nice and versatile palette. 
I don't think I can use my palette anytime soon (or ever), so I might feature this in my upcoming "Just Because" giveaways.
(It seems a bit unethical to give something away that was gifted, but I don't want this beauty to just sit on my vanity ;p)

Fancy Lashes
This is another more dramatic pair for me to try!
These lashes are super long and have very delicate designs. :)

Etude House Plumping Lip Tint
This has such a cute Korean name on it.
입꼬리 볼륨 틴트! :)

Majolica Mjorca Lash Enamel Glamour Volume on BK99
This would be my first Japanese drugstore mascara!

Barry M Lip Paint 146
It is an amazing looking creamy barbie pink color.

Urban Decay Lip Junkie Lipgloss in Heavy.
I don't usually like tube lip glosses, but this one has a slanted and flexible silicone tip, which make it so much easier to use.
The pinkish brown nude color is quite pretty. :)

Beauty Cottage Color Bloom pearl shadow in Red Haricot
I am not familiar with this brand, but the vintage packaging is so cute!
This is not a shade I'd wear everyday, though. I will try this with my blue colored contacts! :)

i nouvi Dust in Moonstone
i nuovi is another brand I have been wanting to try!
This color seems perfect for an all-over color to shade and define.

i nuovi Metallogy Eyeshadow in Champagne
a beautiful shimmery champagne color!

There you go!
Swatches and reviews will come, of course. ;)

I want to thank Candice for her interesting interview project and for this generous prize.
She is a beautiful and witty lady with amazing techniques and ideas for makeup.
Do visit her inspiring blog. :)


  1. Congrats!! you definitely deserve it!!! wow!! lots of nicee products!! ^_^~

  2. oh myyyyyy I want I want! So cute X))

  3. Congrats on winning! All the products look amazing. :3 I love majolica mascaras, you'll definitely enjoy that one.

  4. DOMNIKI CHATZAKIMarch 23, 2012

    Congratulations!! You won tons of free goodies!!! Girl heaven!!

  5. ooooh so lucky! congratulations on winning :D so many lovely products. I especially want that Etude House plumping lip tint xD

  6. congrats on winning! :D Can't wait to see you with that pair of lashes on.

  7. Naomi HingMarch 23, 2012

    Congrats Lena!

  8. wowow!!!congrats..i was going to give me those eyelashes!!
    but everything looks so good!

  9. Congratulations Lena! You won some really sweet prizes!
    Happy weekend!

  10. Lena, this was an AWESOME win girl! I'm so happy for you. Can't wait for you to test out the products. Have fun. Have a great weekend.

  11. Congrats Lena! That's a lot of goodies!!! Awesome!

  12. Eden UyeharaMarch 23, 2012

    fun stuff!!! Just a reminder of my GIVEAWAY ON MY BLOG! i NEED YOUR HELP <3

  13. Wow everything looks so nice. I really like the lip paint one! Looks pretty!

  14. ShoppingObsessionMarch 23, 2012

    Wow, that's a very nice prize. Can't wait to see your reviews on the items. There are some brands I am not familiar with.

  15. nice! congrats on the winning

  16. I just checked out her blog! Her makeup looks are so pretty! But she is on tumblr and i have no idea how to follow!:(

  17. she has a blog on blogger, too.
    you can see more contents on tumblr, though. :)

  18. they are mainly her favorites as well. i am very excited to try them! :)

  19. the color is Candice's favorite and i've seen it looking beautiful on her.
    i will do a swatch post soon.:)

  20. would love to check it out. ;)
    leave me your link, plz?

  21. Oh you're lucky!! and the majolica majorca is SUPER good! I loooove it so much! I hope you like it ;D

  22. thank you, Kim :)
    she mentioned that she considered the winner's blog for her pick, so i was extra happy. ^----^

  23. thank you, Rolala! :)
    i hope you are feeling much better now.
    happy weekend to you, too. ;)

  24. hehe thanks!
    i don't have much experience with falsies..but i can tell these are some attention-grabber. lol

  25. thanks Alison!
    i think there will be another editorial FOTD with them. lol

  26. thank you, Izzy. ;)
    the color of tint is quite pretty. i like that it is not as irritating as some other plumping products.

  27. thank you, Katherine! :)
    i am really excited about the mascara!

  28. awww thank you, Janet! :)

  29. thank you, Pam :)
    i was gonna wait until i use up at least one mascara i have..but you're making it so hard for me! ;p

  30. congrats!
    Please feel free to enter my giveaway!

  31. You're very welcome, Lena! Let us see some FOTDs and swatches soon! :)

  32. Very nice products, hurrah for winning :) I only have one Barry M lip paint in Peachy Pink but I'm keen to try out some others. That pink shade looks really fun and pigmented. I've always wanted to try Wet n Wild eyeshadow palettes as well. Looking forward to the swatches.

  33. Congratulations on winning ! That Barry M lip paint looks absolutely gorgeous :) I'll be getting some lip paints in the mail soon, so hurrah :D haha

  34. thanks Margaret! :)
    i am afraid i might start collecting lip paints myself. lol
    i am looking forward to your post on your new goodies! :)

  35. thank you!
    the WnW palette is so nice. i actually have done a swatch/FOTD post a while ago.
    check out this link for your information. :)

    i am usually afraid of full color lipstick, but this one looks irrisistable, right? ;)

  36. thanks again, Candice! :D

  37. thanks!
    and thanks for the invitation! :)

  38. Congrats!!! You got great pieces!!!

    Kisses, Lucy!

  39. Aww congrats on winning! I even went and read your interview, hehe. Wow! I would not have guessed that you came to the U.S. after college years! The English on your blog is perfect and I would have believed you were born here or came when you were very young, hehe.

    You got tons of great goodies in your prize! The Fairy lashes look so pretty and can't wait to hear your thoughts on the Majo Majo mascara as I've heard a lot about them but never tried any myself. Have fun with your new makeup! Everything looks pretty and I'm sure will look great on you. :3

  40. wow so many goodies!! congrats on winning!! the barry m lipcolor looks amazing!

  41. thank you, Oreleona!
    i am very excited about the lipstick myself. ;)

  42. awww you are so sweet and encouraging, Diana!
    thank you. :D
    my english is still a work in progress, i am always busy fixing the grammar mistakes and rephrasing. ;p

    i've heard so many good things about the mascara and i am super excited! i am getting into falsies lately, but honestly i'd prefer just wearing some PERFECT mascara. lol

  43. It's the truth! I know people who have lived here for over 10-20 years and still speak or write with lots of basic grammar mistakes. =X Plus I took Korean for a year and babies still speak and write it better than I can, keke.

    Good luck with the mascara! I hope you start using it soon, hehe. I'm using another Japanese drugstore mascara, Fairy Drops, and it's pretty good! So hopefully Japanese drugstore mascaras have less probability of being underwhelming. XD

  44. i totally agree on that..and just so you know i agree with diana..if i hadn't read that interview i would have no idea you haven't lived there forever.i always thought you were american..i don't know why..not because of your english which is very good by the way..i think so is mine (i hope so at least) and i live in india.i would love to hear your music someday.if you could upload a video?

  45. congratulations on the win! you got a lot of fabulous things. I can't wait to see you wear the Barry M lippie!

  46. thanks, Laura! :)
    i will do a swatch post soon. ^-^*

  47. i saw that you're watching lots of korean drama. that is a very smart and fast way improving korean. i remember i was watching sitcoms like friends, fraiser..etc. lolz

    i am excited about the mascara and also bit worried..what if i become a full convert after this experience? lolz

  48. oh your english is excellent, Debi! i wish i could write so expressive and sharp like you do. :)
    i've lived here for fairly long..but i am still very much fob..

    i haven't uploaded anything new for a while..but there are some if you go to my youtube music channel.
    a few new ones will be up pretty soon. i am happy you are interested in my music. :)

  49. Aw congrats!! I really like giveaways where you actually have to do something. It makes the whole process fun, even if you don't win!

  50. i have been interested in your music from the moment i found out you are a musician..i just keep forgetting to tell you!i will be checking your account soon!

  51. Yes, yes! Kdramas can be so addicting...on the other hand, it can either be really good or really bad, lol. I listen to kpop too but it's way too fast for me, even at 노래방...so, back to studying the regular way (books and audio). Maybe one day I can blog too, hehe, but right now, I can barely post on me2day. That's why I'm really impressed with your language skills! :)

    Ohh hmm if you end up loving the mascara...wouldn't that be a good thing? keke Or do you think it might be a devastating love affair? jk. I think you can buy it online. Orrr you might just convert to Japanese drugstore mascaras in general, hehe, which you can def buy online or else just take a trip to Japan! ;)

  52. thank you, Feelo. ;)
    i had lots of fun writing my entry for this contest!

  53. wow me2day posting is another great way! and i think you're already there if you can me2day. ;)

    i usually just throw away my mascara tube 3 months after opening, so i haven't bought anything relatively expensive for a long time. i am afraid i get addicted to those japanese ones and start shelling out for them. ;p

  54. thanks for taking time and listening!
    i was really flattered. :)

  55. My me2day says things like "I like apples. Please give me an apple!" lolol But I should really make more effort to use it. :) Hmm good point about mascara, maybe if you get addicted to Japanese ones just use them for special occasions and weekends? Good/perfect mascaras can be hard to find, but def don't want to spend too much on them either. :)

  56. congrats on winning! i love all the various things you got... that's why it's fun to enter these things.... :)

  57. lol i think i was kinda same way when i first started twitting. someone linked me #FF and i didn't even know what it was.
    i still post something not 100% sure about the grammar or expressions. i say let's keep at it, though!

    i tried the mascara today and i was pleasantly shocked. lol
    review will come soon!


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