Got glasses?

I didn't. For a long time.
Don't get me wrong.
I do need prescription eyeglasses  and contacts because I have been near-sighted since the 4th grade.

The thing is I lost my favorite designer pair during my "Great Home Improvement Project"  in 2011.
I know I threw out a lot of stuff at that time, but I never thought it would be my glasses!
I searched high and low but I just couldn't find them.
I was heart-broken and I didn't want to spend $400 on a new eyewear again, so I had been glassless  for almost a year.
I know, I know...Terrible for my vision health... ;-/

Isn't Ms. Brown  fabulous with eyeglasses on? 
(pic taken from my local drugstore ^-^)

As many of you know, I am into color contacts and wear them often, and because of that, it is even more important for me to wear eyeglasses whenever I can.
I prefer wearing glasses  when I am blogging as well!
(I think I write better if I do. lol)

Just that finding a right pair of eyewear is so gosh darn hard not to mention it is even harder finding ones with right price. -_-;;;
I finally decided to buy glasses  from a local store a couple months ago and subsequently shelled out $150 for a basic pair.

I was browsing through GlassesUSA.com and trying on different pairs using their virtual mirror (it is a really cool feature. I had so much fun! All you need is a front facing picture of yours.), and guess what.

They have the exact same  frame like mine available at just $38!!!
Is the price just for the frame? 
No. Lenses included.

(I almost fainted.)

Here are some virtual images of me wearing different glasses.

Which one is your favorite?
They look all awesome, I can't decide! :)
(all priced under $100)

It seems to me online eyeglasses  is such an innovative idea.
Maybe it is just about time since most of us feel comfortable buying fashion items online nowadays.
Eyeglasses are functional fashion items!

With GlassesUSA.com,  you don't have to break a bank to have a pair of eyeglasses whether they are for your everyday reading or for just looking fabulous.

Besides their high quality frames and lenses, GlassesUSA offer a 110% lowest price guarantee and a 100% satisfaction guarantee along with a generous refer-a-friend program. 
You can stay up-to-date on all GlassesUSA happenings through their Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/glassesusa) and Twitter feed (@GlassesUSA).

Here are some codes for you. :)

Get 50% off any pair of eyeglasses (basic single vision lenses included) on orders over $80.

Take 10% off any order of prescription glasses.
Code: Blog10

This is a paid sponsored post on behalf of GlassesUSA.com
All opinions are mine.

Thanks for reading! :)


  1. Hey sweetpea!

    Love the slight cateye black frames on you best! I think you suit most types of frames anyway!
    Ciao Bella,

  2. Yay, congrats on your first sponsored post!

    I love all of them, but I prefer the two pairs on the right because the colors look softer, if that makes sense. Do keep us posted about which pair you end up picking! xx

  3. Awesome! I'm near-sighted as well. I've been wearing glasses since 1st grade. I have to wear either glasses or contacts or I can't see. LOL I wish they had cute frames like this when I was younger. I couldn't get over the prices either! For lenses and frames it is TRULY amazing. I love GlassesUSA. You can't beat their deals and stylish frames. That M&M is just TOO CUTE! Lena I like the bottom ones on the left for you. That app is fun to try on different styles. Have a great day! Excellent review hun.

  4. Hey Lena! I wear glasses too for reading. The one i'm wearing now looks like the first black pair.

  5. ShoppingObsessionFebruary 23, 2012

    I like the top left one on you the most. I have ordered online glasses a few times before. Just one tricky thing is I have a big head and I find even when I find the widest frame, still tight.

  6. Debi ChakrabortyFebruary 23, 2012

    i love the top right one..i have been wearing glasses since i was 13..last year only i got lenses..i still dash out out of the house wearing my glasses to college or just in a hurry..or if i think i look better with the glasses for that day's look..i quite like having the choice of wearing lenses or glasses..

  7. The square ones look good on you.

  8. Eva_Chic_ProfessionalFebruary 23, 2012

    I think the first pair looks the best! I think you'd look stunning with glasses on.

    I've been wearing glasses since I was 8 (bad vision runs in my family) and I used to be so ashamed to wear them. But I'm so glad that glasses are in now!

  9. Haha, I love the pictures of you with the virtual glasses! We have some companies like this in Canada - and often times they give out glasses for free! Crazy how different the prices can be online compared to buying from a glasses shop.

  10. Great post, love! I've been near-sighted ever since the sixth grade, and while I've experimented with contacts, I found they just weren't for me, so it's been glasses ever since then. You look great in all four, but I must say that my favorite pair on you are the black ones (the first one in the second row).

  11. I wish I could wear contacts again. I had some complications and my eye doctor said I shouldn't wear contacts for 3 months until they check my eyes again and say that it's ok to continue with them. Ugh, 3 months that is a LONG time! So because of that whole situation I've been thinking about doing laser.. Have you thought about doing laser? I know a girl that has done it and she really had me convinced. She said it was so nice getting out of bed not blind hehe... But on ther other hand it is a bit scarey but she did say it just took 2 minutes for each eye. Really fast! So I'm thinking maybe doing this Fall not 100% sure yet, still thinking. I have to be 200% sure if I'm really going to go through with it. It just sucks I can't wear contacts for the meantime. I mean I can but I shouldn't if I'm having complications. So now I'm wearing glasses which is a pain because it rains most of the time in Sweden....

    I like the top left first row on you :) you look very chic. Wish they had some not so pricey glasses here liek that. You are so lucky you found that place :)

  12. u look so pretty w glasses! i kinda wished i needed glasses sometimes so i can look smart LOL

  13. My favorite glasses on the last picture

  14. [REPLY] Hehe it looks a bit scary yea:P but it tastes really good! :)
    I have this juicemachine, you just put whole fruits/vegetables in it and it comes out as fresh juice! :)
    In this one I had cucumber, celery, lime, apples, pears, spinach and pineapple :-)

  15. I only ever wear my glasses at home, so I don't like to splurge on it too much. Glad you found some for such affordable prices. I'm loving your picks! I say buy them ALL!! LOL :P

  16. I really like the top right though they all match your face! I bought my favourite pair of glasses online too. I guess it is a new thing. I found the process super easy and the quality is amazing.

  17. i love the leopard print-glasses- last photo! nice frame too..
    never tried buying online-when it comes to glasses -my face is really tricky! uggh

  18. LOL I love Ms.Brown, have you seen that commercial from the superbowl? it's kinda funny "uhm, my shell is brown, this is actually my shell..."

  19. heh heh, i saw the commercial, too. i think ms. brown is my favorite among all the m&ms characters. ;D

  20. I love the brown one, I don;t look really good with glasses but you look super pretty with it <3

  21. i am kinda like that myself. there are very limited frame shapes that flatter my face.
    i am pretty confident buyin online thanks to this virtual feature, but i will keep you updated after my purchase. :)

  22. i am actually very excited to go on with this myself.
    i am not gonna lie, i was quite upset to accidentally find out i was gauged from the local store..but you live and learn, right? ;p

  23. i agree! i don't really care about designer frames anymore although glassesusa does have them.
    i remember your makeup tutorials. you awesome with glasses on, Stacey! :)

  24. it does sound yummy now you explain what's in it. lol :)

  25. why don't you get one without prescription?
    i actually wanna get a fashion pair and wear them with color contacts. :D

  26. awww i hope you hear a good news from your doctor about contacts!
    my sister actually got a laser surgery and she is very happy, but i'd still want to wear color contacts for fashion/beauty purposes. plus i wanna wait a little more till they have sufficient history and data about these procedures. it IS scary, isn't it? ;p

    the company i mentioned actually provide worldwide shipping if you're interested. of course the shipping charge is bigger but after discount and the already great price, it might be all worth it. :)

  27. thank you, Huda!
    (leave me your link if you have one, so i can visit your space next time! ^-^)

    i honestly think we all should have both glasses & contacts. we can wear them accordingly.
    trust me, if you need prescription, you can't really live on contacts only.
    on the other hand, wearing glasses only could be smarter choice. :)

  28. thanks, Andrea!

    i wish i found about them a little earlier.
    i understand offline stores need to pay rent and hire sales persons and stuff, but still i can't really get over the price differences!

  29. thank you, Eva!

    in my case, my vision suddenly got bad after severe eye infection. ;-( i am maintaining about the same degree ever since, but it does suck, right?
    i remember wearing a lot of dorky looking glasses. thank God, now there are so many pretty options. :)

  30. it is always better to start on contacts late as possible. my parents wouldn't let me wear contacts until i went to college.
    i agree! having choices is great. i definitely wanna get a coupe pairs to have that options. :)

  31. hmm i will keep that in mind. my head is pretty big, too. :)
    i feel quite confident since i saw an identical one on the website and the virtual picture came out is very close to the real thing, though. ^-^

  32. let me see you wearing glsses sometime!
    thanks for your opinion. :)

  33. lol. i had to take a picture of ms. brown as soon as i spotted her!
    i love that they always have great deals going on!
    i think my SO is considering getting a pair from them. he was floored when i told him about the idential model and the price!

    thanks for everything, Kim.
    hope you have a great weekend yourself. :)

  34. ^-^ thanks, Sunny!

    i have a strong feeling that i'd pick up at least two pairs. (sigh) ;p
    i will keep you updated. :)

  35. hey! :D
    thank you. i like that design a lot, too!

    have a great weekend!

  36. aww i disagree!
    i think you'd look lolita sexy with glasses on especially paired with one of your contacts! :D

  37. OMG $38 is such a steal!

  38. i know, right?
    seems like they have buy one get one free going on as well. ;)

  39. hi, there! how are you sweetie? great review... and you look sexy with your glasses!!

    did you get my DM on twitter? hope you have a great weekend, sweetie!


  40. I can't choose between the four.. they all look good =D
    Yeah i need glasses too, and like you they are so freakishly expensive here :/

    Anyways have a lovely weekend *hugs*

  41. I love a good cat eye!

  42. heh heh thanks, Laura! :)

  43. thanks, Mie :D
    they actually offer international shipping. i encourage you to look into it. :)

    have a great weekend yourself! ^-^

  44. Jas, thank you so much!
    i sent you an email. :)

    glasses definitely can create "teacher sexy" kinda look. lol

  45. I am into the big nerdy glasses these days, so I choose the black pair on the bottom. Awesome price.

  46. Omg, how did you get around for a year without glasses? My eyes are so bad that I can't leave my house without my glasses or contacts. Thanks for this post! I'm looking to get new glasses. I like all of them on you because you have such pretty eyes!
    thanks for the help with naming the essie polish! <3

  47. i know! it was terrible. lol. i didn't wear color contacts at that time, but my eyes were red often times.
    now despite what people think about wearing color contacts (in general), my eyes are doing much better. :)

  48. the price is really awesome! :)
    i wanna get a big frame as well. sexy nerd look is very much in. ;p

  49. matthew limaFebruary 26, 2012

    sorry to hear about your glasses,I LIKE THE SECOND PAIR OF GLASSES the best, also the fourth one isn't bad ether .

    Arruda :)


  50. hey Matthew :)

    thanks for understanding! i really like that pair.
    now things are better since i know means to get affordable eyeglasses. ;p

  51. Gosh Lena I can't believe you went for a year w/o glasses but I can understand how upsetting it must've been to lose your favorite pair. You pick out some great frame sstyles. I esp. like the top right and lower left pairs. This site's prices are so reasonable! You can even get a back up pair. Thanks for the codes! My hubby needs a new pair and we'll definitely check it out.

  52. i am happy you find this helpful!
    my SO just ordered a pair for himself yesterday.
    he was floored to see it was only $29 for high index lenses since other place charge at least triple of that. :)

  53. WoW they are all nice and look good on you!! i been wearing prescription contacts for almost 2-3 years now because its hard to find really good glasses that fit you and that you like on a low budget! i cant believe you got yours for that amount!! thanks for posting this!! i just got my prescription renewed i'm definitely gonna check this site out! thanks lena!

  54. thanks, Oreleona. i am glad you find this post helpful! :D
    if you kinda figured out which shape is most flattering for you, the process is very very easy!
    even if you don't know for sure, it makes it less risky because of the great price.
    hope you find a fantastic and affordable pair soon. :)


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