Jewelry - Lena Necklace from DCBijou

Today I needed a small retail therapy since I was having a bit stressful day.
I don't shop from etsy.com too often but I love browsing unique creations there.
Some of my favorite earrings and necklaces are created by the talented people on etsy. :)

I was looking for jewelries using the search word "lena".
I know I know..so narcissistic, right? ;p
Then I justify myself thinking there is no blogger who isn't narcissistic at least a little bit, and that's how I am, also good at self-justifying.

Anyhoo, I am glad I searched for my own name..
Look what I've found! :D

the Lena Necklace
(image from DCBijou on etsy.com)

*description from the shop*
Always classy - she will never go out of style.
(ooh, i like that!)

14k gold-fill chain is double linked and accented with four white freshwater pearls.
A gold plated texture ring sits in the center of the necklace
Lobster clasp keeps it all together.

Necklace measures 17 inches from end to end.

This necklace is so appealing to me not just for the name but for its beauty. 
It was absolutely the best out of all 89 'Lena' jewelries currently available on etsy. :)
I have always loved freshwater pearls for their humble lustre and the asymmetrical designs is so attractive.

The most exciting part is that this is created by a fellow blogger Diana.
I've been following her blog ever since I saw her adorable fabric pouches but I didn't know much about her jewelries. ;)
She probably doesn't know that I purchased a piece from her shop since I literally stumbled upon this necklace while I was self-indulging, but isn't this a pleasant coincidence in life? ;)
You can find pretty pouches with nice details and awesome jewelries at her shop on etsy.

I will update and do an outfit post once I receive my Lena. :)


  1. I love this necklace, it' s pretty!!

  2. what a great idea... i want to try searching my name also. yes, the necklace is beautiful. :)

    hope you're well, sweetie.

  3. Hehe even the description matches you perfectly Lena! "Always classy and will never go out of style" - it's like the necklace was created just for you! :D

    That's funny how small the world is sometimes - I'm sure Diana would be very happy if she knew one of her readers had purchased one of her creations!

  4. Wow! That's a very pretty necklace, love the pearls~
    It does suit the image of a Lena very much xD

  5. That is such a lovely story Lena! It's a small world!!! I love that necklace. I want a Lena necklace. HAHAHA Ok, I just did a search for Kim under Etsy. Ummm, Kim Kardashian comes up. Ummm...NO! LOL You lucky chicadee! Enjoy your new bling. It's ultra classy! LIKE YOU!


  6. Hey Lena, this is a wonderful piece! Very classy and feminine! Can't wait to see you sporting your namesake in an OOTD :)

  7. beautiful piece!! ahhh so clever, never would've thought to search for jewelry using my own name hehe will def try that out on etsy XD

  8. omg it's so funny you found this by googling your own name!! Googling my own name won't come up with much lol it's so unusual - 'Jiawa' Th necklace is so pretty btw, I really like the unmatching chains!


  9. Donna HsuehJanuary 18, 2012

    How adorable! Love the necklace! :DD And hooray for retail therapy!

  10. The Lena necklace is gorgeous! Love it, such a pretty necklace and name.

  11. that is one cute necklace! I'm gonna search my name on etsy now!

  12. thanks, laura!
    i think you will see a lot more search results and varities. have fun!
    this is why zoya and lorac "girl's name" marketing works. ;)

  13. thank you.
    i love your name, too. it means faithfulness, right? so romantic. :)

  14. thank you. :)
    yes, retail therapy works!

  15. i am sure that no jewlery will come up if i google my korean name! lol
    i like the unbalaced design. it adds the unique quality to the necklace. :)

  16. lol.
    i am still waiting zoya to make a nail polish named "lena". (it has to be purple or pink or i will bomb their headquater. ;p)

  17. thank you, Sunny.
    i really want to learn how to take good OOTD pictures, though.
    all i can do is using mirror of the gloomy federal building bathroom. maybe i should purchase a tripod.
    (ah, blogging is getting expensive!)

  18. oh no, Kadashian, no! lolz
    Kim is such a pretty name. it always reminds me of diamonds for some reason. :)
    i am not sure but i am hoping this necklace is a small danty one. it would be so much prettier that way. :)

    thanks, Kim! :)

  19. oh, thank you, Tea :)
    that is such a sweet comment!

  20. awww thanks so much, Rinny :D
    i hope Diana doesn't mind me blogging about this. i would have even if it was from some place else, but to me it means more because she is a blogger, too. ;)

  21. thank you, Jas :)
    i am sure there are so many beautiful items named "Jasmin"

    i love jasmin scents and i own variety of heady jasmin scents. have i told you that? :p

  22. It's a very pretty and feminine style! It's fun to be a little narcissistic sometimes :) I've been into monogram jewelry lately.

  23. thanks for understanding, girly! :)
    i love monogram jewelry, too. problem is L & S(my other initial) are not the best looking..;/

  24. So pretty! Love it!:)


  25. I looked up Filomena on etsy and THERE IS ACTUALLY A FEW PRODUCTS WHAT IN THE WUT?! None as pretty as the Lena necklace though. haha I love, love, love all the creations from Diana, she's super talented! Can't wait to see your pictures of it!

  26. i like your name! so unique and beautiful. i also love that you put "미나" in your katalk profile. ;)
    Diana already shipped it out. i should receive this in a couple of days. i am very excited, too!

  27. Yeah, I say my Korean name is Mina since there isn't an 'F' sound and Pilomena/Pilo just doesn't sound right. I usually go to Mina as my default name in Asian languages actually.

  28. Mina is very pretty name!
    i took Lena for the similar reason. my korean name has very nice meaning and kinda gender neutral, but here nobody pronounces it right. ;/

  29. Haha I'm sure Diana wouldn't mind at all - it's free advertising for her jewelry shop, essentially :P



    Rinny's Beauty Diary - Makeup, Skincare, & Petite Fashion

  30. the necklace is delievered today. it is even prettier than my expectation. i am happy to advertise her shop for free. lol

  31. What's your Korean name?

  32. it's a secret, but i can tell you the meaning. it means "rising autumn sky" :)


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