Awards & The Makeup Box Intervew Entry

Recently, I was awarded with a couple of blog awards from my fellow bloggers. :)

Kreative Blogger Awards from Pamela & Oreleona

Liebster Blog Award from Anel

and Versatile Blog Award from Nik

Thank you all very much! :)

My understanding for blog awards is to get to know fellow bloggers more on personal levels, so I have decided to answer 10 makeup-related questions rather than doing all the award tags separately.
Also, these 10 questions are from The Makeup Box (on tumblr)  interview project/giveaway that I recently made my submission to.

If you want to know a little bit of random facts about me, you can read my Best Blog Award post.

1. How would you describe your makeup style? (i.e. classic 40's pin-up, etc.)
I would say my style leans towards classic but I also like simple things. As much as I love makeup, sometimes I simply don't have time or energy to go through complicated stuff. (primer, bronzer, more than two kinds of eyeliners, etc.)

2. Lipstick or Lipgloss? Mascara or false lashes?
I used to only wear lipglosses but now I am experimenting lipsitcks and lip tints as well.
I still don't feel comfortable wearing full coverage lipsticks, though.
Mascara is very very important in my makeup routine and I wear it daily.

3. You are late for a hot date and you have not done your face. You have space for only 3 items in your purse and these are...
Matte B.B cream, Multi-purpose tint (tarte cheek stain?) and Mascara

4. What is your biggest beauty challenge/hurdle? (e.g. applying blush without looking like a clown... applying liquid liner...etc)
I still need to work on applying eyeliner in general. It would be helpful if I could find something that stays on my waterlines. : /

5. What beauty product do you have way too many of?
I was going to say eyeshadows, but then I realised I have too many bottles of nail polishes and perfume. Seriously, I won't be able to use them up, ever.

6. What are your beauty pet peeves? (List 1-3.)
Gunked-up mascara
dark lipliner that is not blended in with lip color
harsh eyebrows in general (but  they are so much worse when matched with wrong hair color. eeek)

7. Who is/are your favorite beauty icon(s)?
Monica Bellucci.
I disagree with her where she said she doesn't believe in workout, but being Monica Bellucci, maybe she doesn't need to. ;p

8. What beauty product do you regret buying in the past half year? (List 1-3; hopefully you don't have too many...)
I have only a few..I guess I have been quite lucky thanks to many blog reviews and swatches.
Rapidlash - I didn't see any result and it irritates my eyes.
Maybelline mascaras - I was underwhelmed by One by one mascara and totally infuriated by XXL pro that smudged terribly on me. 
(They were on sale, so it hurts a little less.)

9. What (1-3) items is/are on your current Beauty Wishlist?
The green quint from Dior Garden Party collection (spring 2012)
Make Up For Ever HD Foundation
Tom Ford lipstick in Smoke Red

10. If you were an animal/creature, you would probably be a...
This is the hardest question out of 10, so I just asked my SO and he said "piglet". lol

You can also read this on Makeup Box on tumblr.

Thanks for reading! :)


  1. It's always nice to learn more about other bloggers ^^ Mascara is definitely one of my must have items too - even if you're not wearing liner or much makeup, mascara really helps to open up your eyes and make you look more wide awake instantly. I tried the Maybelline XXL too and hated it. It didn't smudge much on me, but I remember it didn't do much for my lashes either. I much rather prefer to use my Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express mascaras :)

  2. Haha, thought you would say you have too many lip products! Congrats on all the awards =)

  3. Congratulations on your awards Lena! So deserving girl. I enjoyed reading your responses :) I may have an answer for you regarding that eyeliner. Another blogger suggested something and I just purchased it. Will let you know. :)

  4. I enjoyed reading all your answers! And congratulations on all your awards! :)) Well deserved!

  5. wow congratulations! im blog hopping and dropped by your blog to say hello~~ hope we could be friends :D


  6. Congratulations on the awards! I seem to have too many nail polishes too!

  7. ShoppingObsessionJanuary 27, 2012

    Congrats on the awards! Love reading your blog and love love love your makeup reviews!!

  8. Yay congrats on the awards! I loved reading through your answers. So nice!

    Just randomly however, so what mascaras do you use? I personally like all the fatty Maybelline ones (OK, they flake a little from time to time and smudge a little over long hours, but still. They hold curls and give me eyelashes!).

  9. congrats for receiving the awards! :D

    I love reading people's answers
    so thanks for sharing


  10. congrats..i enjoyed reading the answers..but i gotta say my biggest beauty challenge is applying blush without looking like a clown..and i also am easing into lipcolour territory right now..i was always a lip balm kind of girl.

  11. thanks for taking time and reading it! :)
    i was just like you. i used to not wear blush or lipstick at all. i think sheer blush is always good to start with.

  12. hehe thanks, Sunny. i am glad you liked it. ;)

    i am using the new maybelline illegal lengh mascara right now. it is okay but i am not blown away or anything.
    i haven't tried any of japanese mascara but i think i'd like to see how they are different.

  13. aww thanks!
    thank you for you encouragement. ;)

  14. thanks, Naomi :)
    it is a serious addiction, isn't it? ;p

  15. hey thanks for stopping by!
    of course, i'd love to be your friends. ;)

  16. thank you for the award, Anel!

  17. oooh i am so excited! please do let me know how you like that eyeliner.
    frankly, everything i've tried failed on my lower waterlines. it'd be a miracle for me! :)

  18. tell you a secret..compared to my other things, i have not so many lippies, that much i can call you. lolz

  19. i had same experience! i was shocked to see there was no difference after i went through dual steps with that horrid mascara.
    i haven't tried colossal but i would love to try that one.
    i recently bought the new illegal length mascara, but i am not very impressed. decent mascara, though.

  20. congrats on the award!! piglet? lol cute!! heheh :) it was nice to get to know more about you and reading the q&a :D

  21. thanks for the award, Oreleona! :)


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