Accessory - Pop Phone!

Look what was delivered to me yesterday! :D

This gigantic retro receiver is called "Pop Phone".

It is basically a corded (not cordless!) handset that is designed to improve call quality on your smart phones,  iPad, etc.

What is does..
*improves call comfort
*allows access to phones while making phone calls
*eliminates up to 99% absorbed phone radiation
*turn your tablet into a phone via Skype or VOIP applications
*noise reduction system

I recently got a Samsung Galaxy Nexus and I am loving this fast and sleek phone, but I have to admit that this is not optimized for prolonged phone calls if not paired with legit headset.
The one came with the phone is okay but not quite comfortable so I thought about getting a nice bluetooth piece, then I saw this at a store!

At first I laughed a little thinking it is so whimsical and cute (and a bit stupid!) and then I realised this might be just perfect for me.
Like many of you, I don't make too many phone calls any more. 
Most of necessary communications is made through texts, emails and application like kakao talk.
I rarely find myself on the phone more than 5 minutes at a time especially when I am outside, so wearing some earpiece all the time doesn't make sense to me. 
(Plus it clashes with my earrings!)
However, I am on the phone for long minutes with my beloved sister and friends sometimes.
And this is just perfect for that. :)

Sure, it is bulky and you'd probably become a laughing stock or at least a conversation piece if you are seen outside with this. 
I wouldn't say it is best to carry around with you but let me tell you, it is not too bad since it is very light weight and nowadays we all carry big bags, right? ;p

Anyway, this pink thing is darn cute and soft to touch not to mention well-made.
It has volume control and mute functions, and the call quality is superb just like the old times.
I just was on the phone nearly for an hour over some annoying customer service issue and I found it bearable thanks to this. ;)

It retails in about $30 range. I paid less than $20 for mine from a discount online store. :)

There is also a bling-y version apparently. 
Check it out. lol


  1. oh wow I LOVE it - now that is fun :P


  2. That's so cute & cool! I want this now. Hehe!

  3. omg ahah so cute! I need one for my Iphone x)

  4. it sure looks funny carrying around this in the mall....lolz...but I would also buy myself one just because its so cute! but I'll probably just use this at home not carry around else...hehe~

  5. tiffabulouslyJanuary 09, 2012

    OMG this is hilarious and cute. It's perfect bc I spend sooo much time on my phone and sometimes its a pain trying to balance that teeny thing between my ear and my neck. Great post! I'm most likely going to go get one now! haha.

  6. haha OMG this is the cutest. Now you can multi-task by resting it between your ear and shoulder just like the good old times! haha I love it, I want one myself now! xD

  7. yup, just like the old times! :)
    i got some feedbacks saying that voice qulity hear from other end is very good. ^-^

  8. oh if you are on the phone a lot, you should definitely get this. heheh.
    i myself is greatly relieved that i don't have to deal with extremely hot phone any longer! :)

  9. yeah. it will mainly stay at home, but i am not afraid to bring this with me. lol!
    i love when people think backward and stumble into a great idea like this. ;D

  10. thanks! i am glad i got this. now my impulse buy is fully justified. lol

  11. you are right! it is fun and practical. i love it. ^-^

  12. Donna HsuehJanuary 10, 2012

    OMGGGGG! This is soooo adorable!!! LOVE IT!

  13. heheh
    i highly recommend this! :D

  14. wow its nice!! i think i might get it bc i dont like putting my phone in my ear the radiation gives me a headache after a few minutes, this would deff help!!

  15. Omggg this is the same accessory as in Extravagant Challenge (a.k.a the Taiwanese live action version of the manga Skip Beat)! I knew it was going to come over to N.America! haha I've actually been itching to get one since seeing it in action but I really don't make enough long calls. XD AND I HAVE KAKAO TALK ADD MEEEEEEEE MissFeelo!!

  16. i didn't know it was first introduced in asia. lolz
    it is sitting on my bedside table and makes me smile whenever i look at it. ;)

    (and i was honored to add you to my friend list. katalk me sometimes! ^-^)

  17. exactly!
    i don't get any more of those headaches. i am so happy!
    and i am doing good for others since they can hear me more clearly. :)

  18. it is cute, my friend has it but she said she got it from her friend, so i dunno where i can buy it >////<

  19. i got mine from overstock.com, but seriously they are all over the internet. lol
    try ebay maybe? :D

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