Swatch, Review - stila Sunrise set (beauty.com holiday exclusive)

This is supposedly a beauty.com exclusive and it was only $25 for the set during the cyber week sale.
Now I see the price went up to $35, but 4 full size eyeshadow pans, an aluminum case, a smudge stick liner and a multi-use makeup brush for that price is still pretty nice. :)
(I also ordered a Nars blush with this and got $10 off with code, so it was a great bargain which is better than the recent stila warehouse sale.)

There are 2 different sets (Sunrise and Moonrise) available. I wanted a warm brown colors that would replace my Maybelline Natural Smokes quad, and Sunrise seemed perfect for that.

stila Sunrise set

the eyeshadow quad
clockwise from the top left,
Wheat, Oasis, Java and Barefoot Contessa

Oasis - peachy champagne gold
Wheat - light silvery taupe
Barefoot Contessa - shimmery plum bronze
Java - Deep matte chocolate brown

smudge stick in gold shade Koi

It is a pigmented antique gold color.
I was amazed at how smoothly it applies and stays true. ;O

I am super-satisfied with this set.
These buttery soft eyeshadows are so pigmented and blend like dream. I have experienced some watered-down quality eyeshadows from LE palettes, but this is not the case since all shades are from the core collection.
Also, I am unexpectedly surprised by the quality of smudge stick. It is definitely one of the nicest eyeliners I have used and I think it could be used as an accent color on my crease, too.
I am not so crazy about the brush since I can't stick it in my brush holder cup, but I find the stiff side is quite useful to fill in brows. (Oh, btw, Java shade is great for brows.)

The only thing I could object(?) about the set is the name. I think "Sunset" might have been more appropriate name than "Sunrise".
That's about it. ;)


  1. oooh pretty!! i like oasis alot,its such a pretty peach champagne color :D

  2. Eva_Chic_ProfessionalDecember 02, 2011

    How lovely! I love that gold stick. I totally agree with you with naming it Sunset.

  3. wow look at you! That's an awesome deal and the colours look GORGEOUS!

  4. Ooh these colors are pretty! I love neutral colors! I wanted to order from Stila on Cyber Monday but I had spent so much money already.

  5. pretty colors :D i also have a stila palette,, still need to open it hihi

    btw. i tagged you : http://www.memorable-days.net/2011/12/11-questions-tag.html

  6. hi, Elisa! thanks for tagging me. :)
    actually, i was tagged by Rinny and i have decided to pass this time since those questions are quite similar to the ones i did recently. hope it's okay. ^-^

    which stila palette do you have? i bought 2 seasonal ones from the website recently. can't wait to get them! :D

  7. i wanted to have a GOOD quality neutral shadows and now i have them. very happy! :)
    i like maybelline natural smokes a lot, but the quality is not the best and sometimes it irritates my eyes. :(
    i've spent too much money for the last couple weeks, i might have to shorten my Christmas list...ah..

  8. heheh it was really a good deal!
    i love all the colors in the quad. they look so rich and sophisticated. ;)

  9. i didn't expect to like the gold stick myself! i think it applies better than those smudge pots, actually.
    Sunset would have been prettier, right? :)

  10. me, too! a lot of people say they prefer champagne over kitten since it is not frosty. i love them both thinking they are different enough. oasis makes a really pretty wash color. :)

  11. For $25, this set is such a good deal! Especially since it's LE and the colour payoff is excellent. Love the gold eyeliner, it's so intense!

  12. yes! the eyeshadows are just like what i'd expect, but the eyeliner was such a nice surprise. it gives pure metallic pigmentation. i am going to play with this more for sure. ;)

  13. LinasbeautydiaryDecember 03, 2011

    Is it me or do they look different in the pan compared to when they're swatched?? Either way, gorgeous shades :) xxx

  14. do they? i guess they look warmer in the pan. ;)
    i love they are not too warm once applied. ^-^


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