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I am telling you..twitting is another way of shopping disguised. *sighs*
Obviously I am not in the need of getting more lip balm or lotion but I had to order some from eos as soon as I saw the 20% off code on Twitter.
(note to myself - DO NOT follow beauty/fashion brands)

So here they are..
I got a value lip balm set, hand lotion and hand & body lotion.

eos shipped this out very quickly, I received the package literally 3 days after I made my order.

*The lip balm set*
This set consists of 3 different flavored round lip balm cocoons (spheres, so they say) and a stick lipbalm.
Round lip balm - Sweet Mint, Summer Fruit, and Honeysuckle Honeydew
Stick lip balm - Vanilla Bean
These are not as moisturizing as my holy grail Rosebud salve, but it is adequate in a different way. I like to use this right before applying lipstick or even lip gloss. It does not make lip makeup slide off because it is quite matte (in a good sense). 
Also, this would be perfect for guys or anyone who doesn't want shiny lips but still wants to moisturize them!
My favorite scent out of the bunch is the Sweet Mint, but I gave it to my SO since he thinks other scents are too girly. lol
I think the stick is too big and rather ugly compared to the spheres, but it went in to my cosmetic pouch anyway. ;)

*Everyday Hand Lotion*
I love this hand lotion. 
This lightly scented lotion smells like a sweet green tea mixed with some florals. Not overpowering at all.
It absorbes quickly and moisturizes perfectly well without being greasy.
Plus, this cute tube is a perfect size for my purse (1.5 fl oz, 44 ml).
There are also Cucumber and Berry Blossom scents available.

*Revitalizing-nourish Lotion*
This is a very nice lotion that I can reach for easily when I don't feel like wearing perfume but want to smell clean and nice.
I believe this is the same thing as the hand lotion or something very similar. It feels and smells the same to me.
I am going to see if the top of the hand lotion comes off and refill it with this body lotion if possible. ;)

Overall, I am impressed with eos and think they make great simple products with nice price.
Paraben-free, 97% natural ingredients are nice factors to consider, too :)
They also offer shaving cream and sent a sample packet along the goodies, but I wouldn't know how it performs since I don't shave. ;)


  1. Don't you LOVE Twitter?! hahaha ^_____^ I haven't tried any of EOS's products.. I really need to, I hear so many good things about them. Thing is, I ALWAYS loose my chapstick so I have a hard time paying more than $3/tube. ><
    BUT I didn't know they were mostly natural.... I'm known to splurge a little on natural products.

  2. I love the lip balms! I think they're perfect for living in Hawaii haha. I wanted to try the hand lotion but I couldn't find it in stores. I absolutely love that they're made out of natural ingredients. That's my favorite part about them :3

  3. lol. i remember i was verrrry tempted by your post on eos lip balm. you miss enabler! ;)
    then of couse, i saw the code later.
    but i am happy since eos products are so nice!

  4. arrgh yes. i love twitter. lol lol
    honestly, i don't think much of natural products (*ducks*) but lip products with natural ingredients are nice things since we constantly eating them. :)

  5. i don't like the shave gel, but i like their lip balms
    i've been wanting to try the lotions : )

  6. I saw a couple of those EOS lip balm and now I'm getting more and more curious about it. LMAO :) I wanna try some soon :)

  7. That's a lip balmmm? It's so cute. Like eggggieee. Hehehe, have a nice day!

  8. i know. i think the cute round shape is the big selling point! the material is matte and feels good when you hold it.
    you have a nice day, too! :)

  9. if you like easy-to-aplply natural lip balm, this is a nice choice, i think. :)
    thanks for visiting! ^-^

  10. oh, that is good to know.
    the lotions are pretty nice. it absorbes quite fast and feel like light cream almost.
    thanks for visiting and adding me to your reading list! :)

  11. The everyday hand lotion looks cute and sounds like it'll smell really good too!! I think you just gave me a good stocking stuffer idea! :)

  12. you are right. these lip balm and hand lotion would be very nice for stocking stuffer!
    i like unscented hand lotion in general, but this one is exceptional. smells clean and never over powering. you'd like it. ;)

  13. Love how they look so cute. Definitely an effective selling tactic!

  14. i kept the red one for my bed side table and it does look adorable! lol
    thanks for visiting! :)

  15. i really love the look of EOS lip balm!!

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  16. yes. it is a plus what is inside is also nice! :)

  17. i love eos products!! thanks for the review! ive been wanting to try their lotion but i wasnt sure

  18. eos lotion is nice. i wanna try difference scents, too. i think i actually like the lotion better than the lip balm. ;)

  19. hi, lena! hope you had a fantastic wk! my wk was crazy, and i'm finally getting the chance to catch up on my blog-reading. :)

    i have never tried eos products before, so it's good to see your review and i want to try it now. they look like something you can eat though... :)

    hope you have an awesome wknd!

  20. hey Jas, thanks for dropping by. i know you're super busy.
    my week was ok. lots of work this week. still have to do laundry but i am proscrinating by blogging. (classic!)

    hope you and your family have a nice weekend as well! :D


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