Review - Skinfood Olive Mask

This was the first item I tried from Tiffany's giveaway package.
I don't have dry skin but lately I have been experiencing some dry patches on my cheeks due to the change of weather.

This whole thing looks quite edible with spoon and everything..

It is green paste(?) with some particles inside.
This reminds me of green mud pack.

*Item Details*
Skinfood Olive Mask
A mask pack that is applied thinly and keeps moisture onto the skin to relieve severe dryness, flakiness, and puffiness with Spanish olive oil

*To use*
Apply an ample amount onto the face and massage gently, focusing on areas where more dead skin cells have piled up.
Rinse off with lukewarm water.

*Main Ingredients*
Olive oil, Avocado oil, Macadamia seed oil

*My experience*

I spread this paste(?) evenly on my face and waited for about 15-20 minutes then massaged gently, and rinsed it off in my shower. I did not use any foaming cleanser after that.
Although is did feel a little oily, it was relatively easy to rinse it out and it did not leave oily residue. My face felt very soft and moisturized after.
I was also impressed that my makeup application later on the same day was so much easier. No tiny flakes on my cheeks any more! :)
I am planning to use this twice a week during the colder months to remedy my parched winter skin.
I would recommend this for drier skin type since it is rich in different oil. 
I don't know if this would be good for oilier skin type, though. 
Also this contains nut oil, so you should avoid this if you have nut allergies.

la transformation!

Actually, this was the reason I made a lens review video yesterday.
My foundation applied so smoothly and I felt like taking pictures. 
I just happened to be wearing GEO tri-color violet yesterday. ;p


  1. Yay! I'm glad you liked it!

  2. AdamalexmommyDecember 05, 2011

    great review! your skin is glowing and you look amazing.

  3. I like how this is packaged. It looks so...yummy. haha
    Your skin looks great!

  4. lightbubblepopDecember 06, 2011

    hi lena :) still remember me ^_^ hope so... btw you have a great review about this product thanks for that wonderful information. hope you can visit mine too soon :)


  5. hey! long time no see :)
    i was wondering about your blog since you were a bit of MIA. ;p
    good to see you again. of course, i will visit your blog!

  6. heheh i know. to think about it, it is quite dangerous if you have kids around or something.
    thanks for your compliment. my skin feels smoother after using this mask. :)

  7. thank you so much for the great gifts, Tiffany! :D

  8. I have oily skin with some acnes . Can I use it ? :(( . I realy really like this mask :x

  9. i would avoid it if you're acne prone although i don't think this product is particularly pore clogging or anything. i have occasional breakouts myself and it is getting warm here, but i still use this to nourish my skin.
    hope this helps a little bit! ;)

  10. I love this mask (although I don't know why :)) )..But maybe the color of the mask charms me :P . Maybe I need to way until my face has no acne . Does the mask influence on your acne ? . The seller said that Olive oil could " deflate" my acnes so I could use that mask ...:((
    Thanks 4 your help :)


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