EOTD, Review, FOTD - L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow Midnight Blue

Here is another EOTD of L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow.
Today I am wearing Midnight Blue.

L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow Midnight Blue

I was actually surprised to see how sheer the color could be depends on application methods.
You would probably remember the bold and saturated color of this shade when swatched on my arm using Q-tip.

When I used a stiff eyeshadow brush, the color is quite sheer and the gorgeous shimmer is not as prominent, which is a bit of a disappointment.
However, I could deposit more color on my lids by pecking with brush.
I want to see in the future if I can make any major difference by using wet brush or sponge tip.
Today, I did not use any primer and the color lasted all day. 
I like the creamy consistency for it gives differenct effects in realy life. I like dark blue colors and have more than a couple eyeshadows with similar coloring, but I find this Infallible Midnight Blue quite unique thanks to the creamy finish. :)

Here are some EOTD pics..

I am just wearing this single shade, dark blue eyeliner and mascara.
I put more color on my folds as you can probably see different intensity of the color.

FOTD taken earlier this morning
 I was just wearing sheer wash of Midnight Blue and it was very wearable for daytime as well.

For your reference, I am wearing NEO COSMO Glamour Brown contacts here.
Midnight Blue and Glamour Brown is rather a good match. :) 

Ok, I admit that I wasn't very happy with its color payoff and I was tossing and turning about this last night. (??)
The answer is "eyeshadow sponge tips", folks.
When I tried it this morning, the color showed up so much more vibrant and closer to look from the jar.
It is more shimmery looking as well if not as great as you'd expect.
I am buying a bag of eyeshadow applicators today. ;p

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  1. Eva_Chic_ProfessionalDecember 28, 2011

    Aw you look really pretty! The color of the eyeshadow is gorgeous. It's nice that it lasted a long time, too!

  2. not a special color, but the pigmentation seems to be good :D

  3. Your makeup is really elegant, I love the dark blue, it's so gorgeous.

  4. Very pretty. This might work ad a subtle smokey eye application too don't you think? I love that look but can never replicate it properly!

  5. wow that midnight blue looks amazing!

  6. hey, lena! hope you had a nice holidays. i love how subtle this shadow looks on you. i don't like it when it applies sheer.... but i am glad you got the result you wanted after pressing it down harder on your lids. your eyes are gorgeous! i always have to apply base... because at some point during the day, i look like i got punched... lol. hope you have a great day, lena!

  7. hi, Jas :)
    thanks for stopping by!
    eyeshadow primer makes such difference. my favorite is too faced shadow insurance.
    this infallible eyeshadow, however doesn't seem to need additional step. it's nice! :)

  8. thank, Thu. :D
    this is actually very easy to work with. i don't need to use other colors. i mean i could if i wanted to..but i am pretty lazy and i like simple things in makeup, so this works great for me!

  9. thank you, Katherine. ^-^
    i think dark blue shade looks good with brown eyes. i like the creamy texture, too.

  10. aww Andrea, you are so sweet.
    thank you! :D

  11. it's true the color is not terribly unique. the texuture makes difference, though. ;)

  12. i think this could crease a bit on oilier skin type, though.
    it lasts very well on my lids after foundation + loose powder. no primer needed.

    thanks for your compliment! :)

  13. This looks really pretty on you! I sort of like how it's not a in your face blue! sometimes less is better =)


  14. pretty! I love your contact lens *w* I love how you apply it to your eyes, it suit your eye shape and make it look natural and catty :D

  15. thank you. ;)
    i wasn't very fond of this lens but it's growing on me. lol

  16. thank you. ;)
    i agree that less is better. i am glad i can control intensity of the color, too. ;)

  17. omgg the one I've been waiting for. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this look.

  18. I agree that e/s textures work better with sponge tips . I have similar ones from Lancome and they work great with sponge tips and my fingers~ Love that shade on you~

  19. GlitzGlamBudgetDecember 30, 2011

    Just wanted to let you know I awarded you the "Cute Blog" Award!
    Here's the link: http://glitzglambudget.blogspot.com/2011/12/cute-blog-award.html

  20. You're right! Midnight Blue is not as dramatic or dark as I had thought. But it works out for an everyday look. Great FOTD! Now you go me curious about using sponge applicators...I'm going to test it out on some of my lesser pigmented shadows!

  21. @_@ I love your lensssss. I'm craving to order lots of lots of lens. @_@ @_@ @_@

  22. Pamela RidwanDecember 30, 2011

    I love L'oreal Infaillible Eyeshadow, but this midnight blue isn't as dark and bold as it looks on the packaging,right?

    and love your blog btw :)

  23. hi, Pamela! :)
    thanks for visiting and commenting. ^-^

    the color does not show up as intense but it is much better than the pictures i posted here when i used sponge tip applicator. it is darker and more vibrant than other powder shadow of the same color.
    hope this helps! :)

  24. lol thanks, Aki :)

    i always wanna buy more lenses as a matter of fact. must resist. lol lol

  25. i usually avoid sponge applicators but they work so well for these hybrid eyeshadows' texture.
    i might try again with wet brush but so far i am satisfied with the new method. maybe i don't need to after all. ;)

  26. hey thanks for the award.
    i will go to your blog in a bit. ;D

  27. thanks for confirming this.
    i am glad i tried this.
    i will also try my finger tips. thanks! :)

  28. thank you, Feelo :D
    i will update pictures soon.


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