Swatch, Short Review - tarte Lip Service Limited-Edition LipSurgence Collection

So I jumped on the bandwagon and got this set! ;D
This is an amazing deal ($29 for the set!) when you consider a single Lipsurgence costs $24.
Then, I know I would never pay full price for them. I personally think it is too expensive no matter how great they are!
Tarte claims this product will boost the moisture level by 6000%.
I mean, really? 6000%??! -_-+
I am a little annoyed here, but all is forgiven after they offered this super deal. ^-^

(from left to right, descriptions from sephora.com)
glitzy - antique pink luster
perky - soft carnation pink tint
flashy - bright iridescent fuchsia luster
swank - light cherry tint
dazzled - pearly coral pink luster


After trying all the colors, I found myself quite pleased with this whole set.
Of course, although they are moisturizing and feel comfortable on my lips, they did NOT increase the moisture level by 6000%. (I wonder how they came up with such number anyway.)
The set consists of 3 shimmery and 2 matte colors. Everything is very wearable and flattering.
They are not traditional drying kind of lip tints, so they seem to wear off quickly if you compare to those, but longer-lasting than your usual lipglosses.
I am digging lip tints lately, so I couldn't be happier to add these wearable and user-friendly (no sharpening required here) lip tints to my stash.
They are free of parabens, phthalates and synthetic fragrances, which is also nice. :)

I would buy another value set if they offer different ones in the future.


  1. Great deal and gorgeous colors! Tarte has some great products and their blushes are gorgeous too!

    As far as your question goes about balancing the cheeks and lips. I sometimes have a problem with that too but I always like to play it easy on the cheeks no matter how bold or simple my lips are. But definitely choose one or the other because too much of everything can be scary and overwhelming >__<

    Sometimes if I go with a bold lip I like to just contour and skip out on the blush completely :)

  2. thanks, Tina Marie!
    that is a great advice. i will keep playing with my lipcolors and other makeup. maybe i'll use some light bronzer all over to tone it down.
    will report back! ^---^

  3. haha..6000% was like 0.o but great deal though...the colors are all wearable and the shades are just so lovely....thanks for sharing the swatches..=)

  4. yeah, it was indeed a super deal. i wouldn't have bought these for anything more than that.
    makes me wonder how much profit makeup companies make. i don't believe they go under because of the super price, you know? ;)

  5. lovely shades:) hmmm,, im gonna be broke this christmas cause of this crazy value sets deals!! uurgh

  6. lol. i know what you mean.
    i am trying extra hard not to look at any more sets. it is really difficult, though. ;p


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