Swatch, Review - stila Backstage Eye Shadow Palette

I bought this only recently although it seems this palette was introduced last holiday season.
I love everything about this simple (well, compared to all those bling-y holiday collections of this year anyway) palette, and I am glad I still got this a year later after it came out. 
Better late than never, right? ;)

This palette contains six eyeshadows.

I love the packaging. slightly antique and very feminine :)
It is the usual stila style magnetic paper case that is embossed with flowers.
This case is a bit shimmery, too!


I am a big fan of stila eye shadows in general for they are buttery soft to blend and unique in colors, and this palette is not an exception.
Since stila eye shadows are super soft, they have fall-out issues. I don't have much problem with them if I use my eyeshadow primer, though.
What I love the most about the palette is its versatility. You can create deep smokey eyes, neutral daytime look and even fresh look with pop of vivid colors.

Now, a break-down of the shades.
(Here, I insert the same image with color names for your convenience. ^-^)

chiffon - light shimmery soft peach
flamingo - bright medium purple pink
pacific - matte royal blue
luster- gorgeous shimmery dark brown/taupe
poetic - light taupe with lilac undertone
coal - dark gray with teal shimmers

A lot of people say the color coal is named wrong since it does look teal in the pan, but I came to think it is rather abtly named after having swatched and worn it on my eyelids. The actual color appears a very dark gray with green shimmers. Coal it is! :)

This is my favorite eyeshadow palette for the moment.
I will post a FOTD using this colors soon. :)

Thanks for looking!


  1. Beautiful palette of both bold and neutral colours. Coal looks a lot bluer in the palette than it does in your swatch. :] Thanks for the review.

  2. Eva_Chic_ProfessionalNovember 24, 2011

    How lovely! I've never had the chance to try Stila eyeshadows. I'm glad you like this palette! By the way, I think I'm gonna get Butter London's Come to Bed Red during their cyber monday sale, thanks to your suggestion!

  3. thanks. :)
    did you get any sleep, sweetie?

  4. oh then you definitely should. stila and dior are my two favorite brands for eyeshadows. stila mambo and rumba are actually my "bring them to the desserted island" status! lol
    i hope you like Come To Bed Red. i know it will look gorgeous on you. ;)

  5. my pleasure. i am kinda new to taking swatch pictures and I find it quite difficult to capture the colors and textures.
    the coal color doesn't look green or blue much. if you want vivid teal color, it would be disappointing. i like the color a lot, though. ;)

  6. Ooooh super pretty! I want the Naked palette so badly!

  7. i want Naked palette, too but everytime i look at it i realize i have all the similar colors somewhere in my stash. lol
    it is actually on sale for $38 or something. you should get it! :p

  8. This looks like a really nice palette! I've never tried Stila shadows before. Glad to hear they're of good quality and pigmentation. Maybe I'll pick one up tonight when Sephora has their Black Friday sale :D

  9. this year they brought out pretty flower designed palettes. i hope you like them.
    thanks for adding me to your list, btw! :D

  10. Lovely color!!

  11. thanks! they really are nice. ;)

  12. What a lovely palette. I like how interesting Pacific looks swatched. Would love to see a look with Flamingo~ =)

  13. pacific goes on a little sheer compared to other shades. i am not so comfortable wearing pinks on my lids, but i think this looks nice with coal color. ;)

  14. Pacific and flamingo looks great, I want to see the look with it :D

  15. i am planning to do an EOTD or FOTD soon. ;)

  16. the colors are so pigmented, I love that pink!

  17. they all have nice fine texture, so you can get sheer yet clear color play-offs if you skip eyeshadow primer. ;)
    i am going to try and wear the pink by itself to see how it works. ;p

  18. Flamingo and pacific look sooo cool. Definitely like them together!

  19. i will try and use them together next time. it should be bright and fun! :)

  20. Ooo I'll definitely have to check that out then! And you're very welcome Lena! I'm looking forward to reading more of your great posts ^^

  21. thanks again, Rinny :)
    i got some more palettes from the recent warehouse sale. lol


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