Review, Video - DueBa Dreamy.i Gray

This is my most recent lens purchase from lensvillage.com.
They were on sale for just $13 per pair.
However, I am pretty much underwhelmed about the lenses and the company who sold them to me. : /

Here is my review on DueBa Dreamy.i lenses in Gray color.

lensvillage order.
I noticed they only send cute cases to sponsored bloggers.
(Guess what, here is a non-sponsored blogger reviewing on you!)
I guess I can't really complain since they were on sale.
I didn't like that they did not ship them out right away and lied to me about it when I inquired.
I actually tracked the package, and it was sent out 3 days after the day they claim they did.
(not a big deal. You must have been busy dealing with sale orders, but why lie?)

bubble-wrapped lens vials

DueBa Dreamy.i lens vials. Aren't they cute?
I also got these in hazel color.

close-up on vial
this gray color looks more of an olive green

in lens case

indoor lighting

indirect natural lighting

with makeup and falsies
(Somebody teach me how to do falsies!)

*Item Details*
Brand - DueBa
Origin - South Korea
Diameter - 14.5 mm
Base Curve - 8.6
Duration - 1 year disposable

*color/design* 7.5/10
This is supposedly a dupe for the famaous EOS Max Pure design.
It gives great shiny dolly eye effect, but personally I don't think it is delicate enough. 
The limbal rings look too stark for me.
I prefer Kirakira design over this for the same effect.

*enlargement* 9/10
It is pretty big and the effect is noticeable

*comfort* 7/10
I expected these to be very comfortable since I had nice experience with Kirakira which is from the same brand with same diameter.
However, Dreamy.i is thicker and the comfort level is just okay.

*overall* 7.5/10
It is great for obvious dolly eye effect but it is not a must-have for me.
I kinda regret purchasing it.

and some FOTDs with DueBa Dreamy.i Gray

makeup products used
Revlon PhotoReady foundation in 03 Shell
Maybelline Fit Me concealor in light
e.l.f. Studio High Definition Powder
e.l.f. Studio blush Pink Passion
Too Faced Shadow Insurance in Candle Light
Almay eyeshadow trio for brown eyes (purple trio)
ebony pencil and WnW colorion pencil in Taupe for brows
mark Lipclick sheer lipstick in Voltage Violet

I also made a video review on YouTube. Check it out! :D


  1. I think I would look weird with gray lenses. You look pretty with them though! I just ordered from lensvillage. I hope all goes well.

  2. I just ordered the same pair a few days ago from them! I also got the Puffy 3 Tones Violet. They looks really good on you! Making me feel very satisfied with my purchase. But now a little worried about their customer service.. :P So how long did it take for you to actually finally get them???


  4. It took 13 days which is not so bad. i guess i was irritated. i am a reasonable person but i am not an idiot. (i mean i can track a package and read numbers. ^-^)
    Miko had a similar issue, i heard.
    i am sure everything will be fine. still $13 per pair is really hard to beat, isn't it? ;)
    i would love to see the puffy 3 tone on you. please do a review post when you get them! :)

  5. i think they would look cute on you! actually gray and green colored lenses go with dark brown eyes very well.
    i hope everything goes well for you. i see you are going to review on lensvillage soon? i will look forward to it! ;P

  6. Hehe I was going to order the Puffy 3 Tones Gray but I went for blue instead.
    I'm going to review them when I get my order :3
    I think I deserve to get a cute animal case! I don't have one yet.
    I hope they give me one ):
    I spent $60!

  7. yes, it's so kawaii, right? ;)

  8. yes, we all deserve to get cute cases! i didn't care at first since i have so many animal cases (some of them are even in the same design and color!) but then i got a lil upset to see i was discriminated. lol
    blue lenses would look so cute on you. can't wait! :D

  9. I didn't even know they only give it to the people they sponsor? Yumeko (http://bittenbefore.com/tokyolife/2011/10/03/lensvillage-review-eos-adult-pink-dollyeye-blytheeye-pink-circle-lens-giveaway/) didn't get a cute case and her lenses were sponsored. Maybe it's racism! Haha I'm kidding. I am at a loss for why they would only give the cute cases to certain people though.

  10. eeks shame on them for lying to you about it >.< I noticed that too,that they only send cute cases to sponsored bloggers but so far most of the reviews that i came across about lensvillage are sponsored ,so idk. but thanks for the honest review :)

  11. FilipanogueiradeoliveiraNovember 30, 2011

    your eyes look amazing, so sexy!
    your blog is really cute, congrats sweetie.
    would you like us to follow each other?

  12. LOL, yeah, $13 is the lowest I've seen any circle lenses at! I'll definitely do a post when I get them! :D

  13. You look really great with these. :) Too bad about the service though. I'm glad I found an unsponsored review - thanks for your honest opinions!

  14. thank you, Stacey :)
    i am open to sponsorship and other business myself, but now i am not sure if i ccould provide truely honest opinions even if i am determined to do so. if the companies treat me better than they usually do for the advertising purposes, how could i know, right??

  15. hi thank you for visiting!
    i will definitely check your blog out! :D

  16. i guess i was irritated to read their response saying "oh, it was actually shipped out right away, just the order status was not updated", and actually i believed them then i tracked it and found out they lied to me. i don't know why they didn't just say "sorry, we were busy with the sale going on, but it was shipped out now" you know? ;p

  17. yeah. they actually sold kirakira for $10 briefly, and i am kicking myself not having gotten them right there and then! ;p

  18. lol. i am sure they are overall okay company. after all, it is one of the established online stores, right?
    my opinion is not closed until i see you and Jen's reviews. :)

  19. I always get nervous with lenses that are so cheap. Sucks that they only give cute cases to sponsors though!

  20. ooh I love the glittery eye liner on you, very festive!! too bad about the service, when eyecandylens contacted me for a sponsored post i gave them the model i wanted and my prescription but they got the model i want but "didn't get" her prescription- those two were in the same sentence! i was pissed, if I had paid for them... haha ya totally understand why you are pissed!

  21. I really didn't hear about it until Yumeko was sponsored by them. I knew of PinkyParadise, Kiwiberry1, KoreaBiggerEyes, Eyecandylens, and ILoveCircleLenses. I hope they ship my order soon though. I ordered them on friday and they still haven't shipped them. I guess it has only been two days but if they don't ship it soon, I'm not going to be able to get them! Hopefully they will arrive between Dec 16 and December 29ish.

  22. i purchased from eyecandylens once and i wasn't very pleased with them, either. one pair was defective and there packaging or overall presentation(?) was just "meh" for me when you think about that their price is not very cheap.
    i guess we spend and learn....;;;

  23. yeah, i was a lil nervous thinking "what if they are fake?" lol
    i don't think they are, though.
    i don't like any of them from the purchase from this company. not that it is their fault, just my misjudgement. ;p

  24. They all look great on you. You have beautiful eyes lena! Sucks that you didn't get pretty cases for them, what a rip-off!

  25. thank you, Thu :)
    i think lying to me about date of the shipment was more of a pet-peeve for me.

  26. it kinda sucks no single website satisfy my shopping experience in every aspect!
    i really hope they ship them out soon and you'd receive that this year!
    i've made another lens purchase (i am going on no-buy after this, i promise.;p) and seems that they are pretty nice in terms of customer service.
    i will make sure to share my experience later in blog posting. ;)

  27. pwinsez_ayukiJanuary 01, 2012

    I have a pair of this lens but still in the bottle. :P
    Anyway, you look great! :D

  28. thanks, Ayuki ;)
    i hope yours are fine.
    these kept giving me teary eyes so i had to let them go with the hazel pair. ;(


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