Review - NEO Dali Extra Brown

I thought these lenses would lighten up my dark brown eyes and give me the "brown-eyed baby" look.
Did they? Not really. ;p
Here goes my review.

*product details*
Brand - NEO
Origin - South Korea
Water content - 45%
Diameter - 14.2 mm
Base curve - 8.6
Duration - 1 year disposable

(Yay! I didn't forget to take pictures of the bottles this time.)

As you see here, the outer rings are dark brown and the pattern gradually lightens up towards inside.
This has medium to light caramel brown colors, which gave me this notion that they will significantly brighten up my eye colors. 
WRONG. (you will see it in the following pictures.)

with Dali Extra Brown on
no makeup

with makeup

different angle

They do lighten up my eye color by 15% maybe?
Compared to Dali Sweet Chocolate Brown which matches my eye color almost perfectly, Dali Extra Brown  is a bit lighter in color and larger in diameter. 

Although I was disappointed to find out I do not get lighter color effect as I desired, I still like these a lot and think it is a nice purchase overall. (or I am just good at self-justification. ;p)

*design/color* 9/10
The brown color is very pretty and natural. Your eyes will look very glossy with these on.
Some pictures on the web could be misleading, however. This does not give you lighter brown color if you have dark brown eyes like mine.

*comfort* 8.5/10
Very comfortable.
I can wear this all day with no problem. 
I have tried different ones from NEO, GEO and DUEBA so far, NEO lenses feel most comfortable in general.

*enlargement* 8/10
The effect is quite noticeable. I think the diameter is closer to 14.5 mm whatever says on the website. 
They still look very natural thanks to the delicate design.

*overall* 8.5/10
This is surprisingly nice one despite of my disappointment in color expectation.
If you think Dali Sweet Chocolate Brown doesn't do anything for you in terms of enlargement but still want natural looking lenses, you might want to try these.
I am also expecting Dali Extra Black lenses soon, I will update how they compare. :)

FOTD with Dali Extra Brown

I took this picture very late at night.
I look quite tired and my eyes look almost soul-less. eek.

Makeup products used
Maybelline Fit Me foundation 110+115
Maybelline Fit Me concealer in Light
freshMinerals finish powder
Borghese mineral bronze in Dessert Glow
brows - darkest shade from Maybelline Natural Smokes quad
Crease - darkest shade from Revlon CustomEyes Rich Temptations
blended with Milani Antique Gold (round shadow in white case, old formula)
Upper waterline - mark no place to run eyeliner in Foxy Brown
L'Oreal false fiber lashes wp mascara in Black
tarte LipSurgence in Swank


  1. I just notice you have the cutest beauty marks!! I always wished I had some on my face... I draw some one sometimes. haha

  2. You still look as cute as ever!

  3. Looks great! And you don't look tired or dead. I personally only like wearing brown lenses if they are a noticeably light brown, but these look good!

  4. thanks, Eva. that's comforting. :)
    i was not interested in brown color at all, but now i want them!
    what is your light brown lenses? ;)

  5. thanks, Miko. you are such a sweetie. ;)
    i think i look dull in general with lenses with larger diameter, though. T..T

  6. lol. yeah, i have two. they don't work by themselves.
    there were times i wanted to get rid of them, i guess i am keeping them specially when my friend MisFeelo says they are "beauty" marks. ;D

  7. Eva_Chic_ProfessionalNovember 06, 2011

    My personal favorite is the Geo World Series 3-tone circle lenses. It looks natural (like it doesn't enlarge my eyes) but it really makes the brown in my eyes appear brighter!

  8. ah, that would be a good choice!
    thanks. :)

  9. Love the Lipsurgence on you!

  10. thank you.
    i like it a lot except that they are increasing the moisture level by 6000%. lol

  11. Woo, I love lenses! And what camera do you use? :D

  12. I like how subtle the color is in your eyes! it looks natural with a pop :D

  13. thanks, Julie :)
    i guess color contact purchases are hits and misses just like other cosmetic items. ;)

  14. i recently started using sony cyber-shot DSC -T110. still learning how work this. ^-^


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