Review - L'Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes Waterproof Black

Here is my quick review on L'Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes Waterproof mascara. :)

I ordered this from ulta.com. With $5 off coupon applied to my entire order, I am thinking I paid about $7 for this.

Descriptions from L'Oreal Paris USA website)
*Dual length fiber formula
*Long lasting
*Available in two waterproof shades
*Exclusive polymer adheres fiber to lashes
*Botanical waxes prevent hardening or flaking
*Precision brush ensures optimal application
*Safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers

I have been using Maybelline Falsies mascaras for quite some time now and happy with them (except for Black Drama one, super flaky), but I was ready to move on to Japanese fiber mascaras with dramatic dolly effects.
I thought I'd try a domestic brand (ah excuse me, L'Oreal is a global brand, right? ;p) fiber mascara before I actually shell out $20 bucks for a Japanese drugstore mascara.

I have seen mixed reviews on this and my recent L'Oreal mascara purchases all disappointed me, so I was a little skeptical to try this.
I am glad I did, however, and relieved to find a fiber mascara that works for me.
It is important this is easily accessible and affordable since I make sure to mark all tubes and throw them away 3 months after opening.

Close-up on the mascara brush
It is rather long and thin and very easy to use. This reminds me of Maybelline Lash Stiletto mascara brush.
You can see tiny fibers on the brush. It is nothing compared to Japanese fiber mascara, but it is still there.
L'Oreal claims that this is a blend of rayon and nylon which are the same materials used for false lashes.

My Experience
Overall, I am very happy with this mascara and see myself repurchasing this in the future. There were only Black and Brown shades available on ulta website, but I want to try Blackest Black next time.
This mascara lengthens and volumizes with minimal clumping and the finished look is "reasonably" dramatic if that makes sense. :)
(*note* this mascara clumps a little bit, but to me, all effective volumizing mascaras clump. In my experience, if the application is too clean, it is not volumizing enough.)
The fiber effect is not as dramatic as Dolly Wink mascara, for example.
However, it is virtually hassle-free application. You don't need much patience to wait and apply another coat. I also like that I can achieve desired effect without having to apply primer. I dislike 2 step mascaras in general. (Who has time?)
I did not experience any smudging or flaking which is quite common in L'Oreal mascaras.

before mascara. 
I am wearing some eyeshadows and my lashes are curled
(aslo wearing GEO Angel Gray lenses)

after Voluminous False Fiber Lashes applied.
To me, this is more than enough for everyday look. :D

I usually skip lower lashes, so I am not sure how easy this is to apply on lower lashes. 
I will try it next time and update. :)

Thanks for reading!


  1. Hehe! I am dying to try Dolly Wink Long mascara!
    This mascara looks great on you! It's very natural looking<3

  2. i am still curious, too! i wish they were more affordable, thoough.
    btw, you don't need "Long" mascara, girlie!! ;D

  3. Wow, it really does work!! I'll definitely be adding this to my makeup list. <3 Thanks for reviewing, Lena!

  4. i am glad this review is somewhat helpful to you! of course, i am still curious about those japanese fiber mascaras and false lashes and i know i'd end up buying them. lol
    this is good for everyday. i wanted to have a default mascara that balances out my color contacts and this would be nice for that. :)

  5. Ah me too! I hate ordering those kinds of products online. I really hate paying for shipping! I bought my Dolly Wink Volume at a Japanese store where I used to live. They didn't have the long one though! I do need the long one haha! I want my bottom lashes to be gyaru naturally without false bottom lashes (:

  6. i report to you that this works quite nicely for lower lashes as well although you look gyaru already! ;p

  7. Maybe I'll pick one up after I finish up some of my mascaras. I have too many at this moment lol! I'm just wannabe gyaru. I think it's much too expensive for me to live that kind of lifestyle.

  8. lol. i hear you. it is so easy to end up with so many mascaras. same goes for foundation..ugh.
    i agree it coast a lot of money to pursue gyaru look. as long as you are being sensible and having fun without hurting your wallet too much, i think all is good. ;)

  9. Hehe I have a shopping problem though >.< I always just spend without thinking. It's probably best just to watch other gyarus!

  10. aww sweetie, we've all been there. gyaru or not, you are very sweet and pretty! :)

  11. Falsie's is one of my favorite drug store mascaras too but I totally agree that the black drama can be a tad flakey! Looks like this one really works.. can't wait to try it out for myself!

  12. i tried the original and flared in both regular & wp. they all worked well for me. I was impressed how the regular formula holds my curls. :)
    i think this one is more volumizing and lenthening than falsies, though. ^-^

  13. Aw thank you so much. You're super sweet and also very pretty as well!

  14. That looks pretty good! Do you prefer Japanese fibre mascara?

  15. i am not sure honestly since i've never tried them. i've seen tons of pics showing amazing results, so i guess they ARE amazing. eventually, i'd try them. ;)

  16. Well I only know of Fibre wig, and I remember its price being jacked up when coming to America. Kind of funny! Uh, I'll just buy the same product with the Japanese packaging, thanks! haha

  17. ah, good to know. i'll have to hunt on ebay or order from oversea sites, i guess.
    do let me know when you try them. :)

  18. I have to try this Mascara now :) oh and btw, yes fluidline stays on my waterline. For me, the best products because pencils tend to smudge and "crease" ewww xx

  19. i'm a mascara girl... have to have it on.... most of the time. :) looks pretty.

  20. i just bought another tube of this and a regular version. i like wp better since it holds my curs better. ;)


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