Review, FOTD, Video - NEO COSMO Glamour Brown

This is my review on NEO COSMO Glamour lenses in Brown color. ;)

This was a part of my 3rd order from koreabigeyes.com.
NEO Glamour and Queen series are popular for muti-color designs with spiky limbal rings that is known to be very natural looking. 
I already have NEO Princess and Lucky Clover which are other multi-tonal designed lenses from the same brand and I enjoy them a lot, I wanted to see how different they are from each other. 

The package safely arrived in timely manner as usual, the only difference is that I didn't receive one of those "cute animal cases". 
This time she sent me "Angry Birds" cases. lol.

NEO COSMO Glamour lens vials

close-up on lens in vial. See the spikes? ;)

in lens case
I was surprised to see how yellow they are. They look mustard!

(Now, I have lots of eyeball pictures. ^-----^;)

natural lighting (next to window)

indoor lighting

with makeup and false eyelashes
(Obviously I need to practice this more. )

Item details
Brand - NEO
Origin - South Korea
Diameter - 14.2 mm
Base Curve - 8.6
Duration - 1 year disposable

My thoughts
*color/design - 6.5/10
I am not exactly feeling this yellow-y color and visible spikes.
I like how easily it brightens up my dark brown eye color to medium brown/hazel. I think this would look better with lighter hair color.
This is definitely one of the more natural designs, but I still prefer Lucky Clover over this.
Although the spiky rings are designed to give natural effect, they still look unnatural up close.

*enlargement - 6/10
This is not designed to give you huge enlargement anyway. It looks very natural and human. ;)

*comfort - 8.5/10
They feel comfortable on just like other NEO lenses I have tried. All of 14.2 mm NEO lenses feel about the same for me. ;)

*overall - 7.5/10
This is an interesting pair to have for unique color and design. I still think I would have enjoyed it more if I had gotten brown color in Princess or Lucky Clover.

some FOTD pics with these lenses on...
I did a very simple look basically wearing pink color only. ;p
(I now see it was not a good choice to pair with the lenses. Next time I will try natural brown eye makeup or something.)

makeup products used for this look

Revlon PhotoReady Foundation in Shell 03
e.l.f. High Definition Powder
Flamingo from stila Backstage palette
Kiss eyeliner in dark brown
Wet n Wild coloricon pencil in Taupe (brows)
Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick in Candy Pink

I also made a video review on YouTube.

Thanks for reading! :D


  1. These are really natural looking from far away but up close, the spikes are pretty unnatural lol. I like the color in indoor lighting rather than the next to the window lighting. It looks really yellow next to the window! You look beautiful though (:

  2. Loooooove these!! I want to try the glamour green soooooooooo badly.

  3. yeah, these are kinda cool. ;)
    i also got queen 4 tone in aqua color. this shows up teal on my eyes. i will review on them soon. ^-^

  4. they do look very natural in general, i guess. i will just have to get over those spikes. lol.
    these are more of a unique pair than natural one in my book.
    as i mentioned above, i got aqua color in similar design, and they actually look nice on me. ;)

  5. Gabriella OliviaNovember 25, 2011

    The lens looks super natural! Love itttt! <3


  6. omgg this lens is look so pretty T___T
    I want the grey one, this one look so nice too :D

  7. you think so? :) i am glad and feel better about these lenses. lol
    gray color is more popular, i think. seems it is best seller everywere. ;)

  8. Eva_Chic_ProfessionalNovember 26, 2011

    Nice video! It was very helpful. I love how circle lenses look on you!

  9. thanks you, Eva! glad you like it. ^---^
    i am planning to make more since it is easier to make video with still images. :)

  10. Pink looks so sweet on you! I have Candy Pink too and love it! Love those lashes too~

  11. Thank you for your sweet comment, Popblush!
    i have very little experience with falsies and i need to practice. lol
    candy pink looked very very pretty on you, i remember. ;) i like that it goes on kinda sheer.

  12. I personally prefer the more natural looking circle lenses so I love the look of this one! Not too sure about the spikes but I think it's only noticeable up close. I really like how you matched the lenses with the pink eyeshadow. Great look! :)

  13. thanks Stacey. ;)
    i don't usually wear pink eyeshadows but i wanted to see how flamingo shade would work on me. (plus i was wearing a pink shirt. lol)
    i love natural looking contacts, too. i recently got some not-so-natural kinds and i feel even more strongly about it. lol


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