Review, FOTD - DueBa Big DM23 (Kira Kira) Pink

I have another lens review for you today. :)

DueBa Big DM23 Dolce (aka Kira Kira) Pink

*Item Details*
Brand - DueBa
Origin - South Korea
Diameter - 14.5 mm
Base Curve - 8.6
Water Content - 42%
Duration - 1 year disposable

This is probably the most fun looking pair that I own considering that my taste for lenses is rather conservative. ;)
Pink and even red lenses are quite popular now, and I wanted to try at least one pair. I have also read some reviews saying these lenses would look light brown on dark eyes like mine, which helped me to make my decision. ;p

This was a part of my second order from koreabigeyes.com.
Shipping was fast (9 days from HK to NY) and everything is packed securely as usual.

lens vials

This is how they look in vials.

indirect natural lighting, no makeup

slightly different angle

*design/color* 8/10
I think this is a very unique and pretty design.
I can't say this is the most natural looking but it does not look outrageous or tacky, either.
The detailed design on the outer rings is very nice, and maybe this is why it looks pretty natural despite of the prominent black rings. (This puts GEO Angel series to shame. ;p)
The medium toned vivid pink color looks light pink/purple or medium brown on my eyes depending on lighting.

*enlargement* 9/10
Once again, I maybe biased on this since I am not into huge lenses.
14.5 mm is actually the biggest I have tried so far, it is pretty big for me and the enlargement is noticeable.

*comfort* 8.5/10
They feel very comfortable, which surprised me! I expected them to be less comfortable because of the larger diameter. I did feel them for the first 15 minutes or so, but I completely forgot I was wearing them for the rest of the day. Impressive

*overall* 8/10
This is a fun pair to have in my wardrobe and I am satisfied with this design. I can see the same design of gray or brown color would look very pretty and I am even considering to buy them in the future.
Kira Kira means "something sparkly" in Japanese (or so I heard. I don't speak the language, so I am thinking it is like "twinkle twinkle". *^-^*), and yes, this gives you the effect of shimmering sparking eyes.


indirect natural lighting
The pink/purple color shows up more.

under artificial indoor lighting
This was taken later on the same day. (Sorry I look so sleepy. I was! ;p)
It looks almost light brown.
The pinkish brown color gives a little bit of "Twilight Saga" effect? (after hunting, haha)

*Makeup products used*

Missha M signature BB cream
Cargo Amalfi  Blush (I love this! review coming up soon ^ ^)
Darkest shade from Mayblline Natural Smokes Quad (creases and brows)
blended with Poetic (light shimmery taupe) from Stila Backstage palette
Luster  from Stila Backstage palette (inner corner)
Flamenco form Stila Backstage palette (outer corners of under lash lines)
L'Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lash mascara wp in Black
Kiss eyeliner in Black ( upper waterlines)
Revlon Colorbusrt lipstick in Soft Nude + Zoya Hot Lips in Minx


  1. i always thought pink lens will look weird but this changes my mind entirely :)

  2. These suite you well, i wear kira kira cons and they are very noticeable when wearing em (:!! btw the patterns are unique which is always a plus ^^

    CMPang x

  3. thanks, Mai!
    what color do you have? i saw a website having a sale for these and thought about buying in every color, actually. lol
    i love the unique detailed patterns of them!

  4. that was exactly what i thought. i guess these would look different on lighter colored eyes, but they are surprisingly natural on dark eyes, at least. ^-^

  5. These look pretty on you! My Kira Kira brown lenses seem to be way too big for me. It seems like they aren't really 14.5mm since I seen the Bambi series that are 15mm and they look smaller than the Kira Kira. I reeeeeaaally want the entire Bambi series. Tsubasa is just too kawaii to resist!

  6. thanks ;)
    i feel the same way. i don't think info about lens diameters are always correct. and i see many lenses that came out lately easily go over 16 mm. i wonder how they would look on in real life!
    anyways, i can totally picture how kawaii those bambi series look on you. GEO makes lots of interesting designs, but i am a bit hesitant because i didn't feel any of the GEO lenses i've tried were actually comfortable. ;>

  7. These lenses look really pretty on you. The enlargement seems amazing!

  8. i have green and hazel.. (: the green is quite scary actually though as the colour is so obvious makes me look like some scary person.. if no make up is applied XD!!

    CMPang x

  9. thank you.
    i think the bright color and sparkling effect make them look even bigger! ;)

  10. ah it's good to know. i was thinking about getting green color, too.
    thanks! :)

  11. Eva_Chic_ProfessionalNovember 13, 2011

    How lovely! It works so well for you! Love the makeup too.

  12. thanks Eva!
    it's tricky to choose the right color of eyeshadows for this bright colored lenses. maybe i will try minimal eyeshadow and lots of lashes next time. ;)

  13. They look lovely on you :) Maybe I should try pink lenses, think it'll be a nice change

  14. I love the purple and pink combo! Your cheeks look adorable!

  15. Oo! I've always loved pink circle lenses, but stopped wearing them. They look so good on you! Maybe I should start ordering some again. I'm getting bored with regular brown ones. :P

  16. i wanted to try pink lenses but im unsure about how it would look on me. great review though :)

    p.s. im also running a giveaway on my blog, feel free to check it out :)

  17. hi Jel! thanks for stopping by and commenting. :)
    it will prolly look medium brown or light purple if your eye color is on the dark side. i was scared at first to try. ;p
    thanks for the invitation. i'll check it out for sure!

  18. thank you, Jen. ;)
    buying lenses are becoming some addiction for me. lol
    now i have pretty much covered the basics, i am more interested in fun crazy(?) looking ones.
    pink lenses would look totally hot on you. i can picture! :D

  19. thank you for your lovely comment. :)
    cargo amalfi is the newest addition to my stash and i am loving it!

  20. yeah. i am glad i decided to take a little bit of risk to try something new, you know? :)
    i heard max pure pink is nice, too. it's salmon pink, so more natural looking, they say. ^-^

  21. I really, really like how these look on you! Gorgeous as usual! :D (p,s I wanted to ask, do you have Twitter?)

  22. your eyes looks great with the color, It kind of popped. I never really knew that pink and red hues would give that kind of shade.

    Miss Macherie

  23. thanks :)
    they look really shiny. live up to the name, i guess. :)
    as for the lens colors that show up on my eyes, i still get surprised all the time. lol

  24. thank you, Feelo :)
    actually i don't have a twitter nor a facebook account. ;o
    i am thinking about twitting, though. heheh. ;)

  25. You should start one!! :D

  26. lol. ok :)
    you are the first one to know if i start twitting! :D

  27. Wow, these lenses really match your type. Looks great on you (:

  28. thank you, Sam :)
    i would wear this when i go out. the shimmering effect is quite eye-catching.

  29. I love both colors on you! They both look different but gives you a different complexion somehow. I think what's most fun about these is you have the challenge of figuring out which eye make-up to wear with them. So much fun, thanks for the review.

  30. that is totally pretty. i wish i can pull those off. you look great. love your blog... following, dear.
    too bad i'm not in nyc anymore! would love to have a blogger meet-up. needless to say, great to meet a fellow blogger.


  31. i am glad you were here today. hope to see you often. ;)
    i think these would look good on any dark eyes. i myself is quite conservative when in comes to color/circle lenses but i find this very wearable!

  32. you are totally right!
    i am still figuring out eye makeup color matches with different contacts. my guess does not always turn out to be right, which is frustrating and fun at the same time. :)


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