NOTD - Zoya Dannii

Sorry, it is another purple polish.. ;)

Dannii is part of last spring Intimate collection (which is by the way, one of the best collections in years in my opinion) and described as "Medium orchid purple with pink and champagne highlights and flecks of silver metallic shimmer". (from zoya.com)

natural lighting

bright indoor lighting

soft indoor lighting

with flash

It is a little too warm for my skin tone although I love this shade so much. I guess it still works because of good amount of the cool hues like silver. pink and a little bit of blue.
The shimmer in this color is the typical Zoya signature shimmer, which is so so pretty!

This rich purple with tons of shimmer and glass flecks certainly worked for me in spring and it works just fine for the holiday season. :)


  1. I def. like the shimmer in this color. Purple has always been a fave color of mines. Zoya usually has some great deals for naul polish and I've heard it was comparable to OPI but can't say personally since I have not used it yet. Hope you had a nice long weekend Lena!

  2. wow,it looks different with flash, i like the color. i hate how sometimes i like some colors so much but it doesn't suit my skintone .__.

  3. You really like purple nail polish! Haha. This color is really pretty! Your nail polish collection makes mine seem tiny (:

  4. I love your nails, This color is amazing!!

  5. Oooh very pretty! I love purple. I usually wear some form of pink or red though. Haven't ventured too much into the purples... but this just might make me think twice! :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

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  6. LinasbeautydiaryNovember 29, 2011

    Loove the color but i'm almost sure it wouldn't suit my skin tone...I'd look like a witch haha Looks great on you though :) xxx

  7. thank you. i don't think this shade is the best for me, though. i am one of those asian girls who can't really pull warm shades very well. (*sniffles*) ;)

  8. i love purple polishes but i can only pull blue tones purple. this shade is like unicorn for me. lol
    your giveaway looks very cool. the clutch is very chic! happy giveaway! :D

  9. lol. you haven't seen anything yet, sweetie! it is the tip of iceberg!!
    muhahaha (*evil laughter*)

    no seriously, thank God i am not into polishes as much. 'o'

  10. every color looks different under different lighting, but this shade is more like so cause it has so many elements mixed so beautifully. ;)
    i agree with you. i am a little sad that i can't call this shade my "best purple" although it like is so much. :/

  11. glass speck shimme is my favorite kind although i prefer creme finish in general. ;)
    you will love zoya polishes. i like them better than OPI actually. the colors are so deep and pretty!

    i hope you enjoyed yours, too! i had much needed rest, i am so grateful. ;)

  12. lena, the purple polish is really pretty! i am a pedicure person, not a manicure person.. but definitely want to try this color on my nails. :)

  13. i am sure this will look great on your toes, too! :)
    i love getting pedicures. i usally get my tips done by myself but i visit salon at least once a month to get a real treat for my feet.


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