Fragrance - Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto Charms

This was introduced in 2005, so it is quite an oldie. :)
I am wearing this pretty and feminine scent very often lately and I wanted to share this with you.
There are many Incanto flankers (bliss, dream, heaven, bloom..etc) and I am sure we will see at least a couple more in the future, but I don't really mind them.

I think Incanto charms smells rather beautiful and it is very easy to wear without doing too much.
It opens with fresh and sweet fruity notes, but it is not all that young and light because of its floral middle and woody musk base.
It has great sillage and lasts on me for about 4-5 hours.
The pretty light-hearted bottle may suggest you wear this during the warmer months, but I would say it is  nice to wear all seasons. It is actually even better to be avoided in summer cause it could smell sickly sweet when worn in really hot weather.

You can find this at very affordable price online or at many discount stores. :)

Top notes - passion fruit, honeysuckle
Middle notes - jasmin, ottoman rose
Base notes - white musk, amyris wood


  1. This scent is timeless and classic! One of my personal favorites too!

  2. This scent is such a classic and so timeless! One of my personal favorites!

  3. oh, you like this too! i am glad. ;D
    i haven't tested all the Incanto series, but i think i like this the most.

  4. Ooh the bottle is so pretty! I use one of the Ed Hardy scents ^^

  5. Ohh, I love the bottle (someday I might just buy one to take pictures of). I think I have seen the Incanto Dream in TJ maxx for around 20 bucks, but I never thought about picking those up.

  6. Ferragamo is my fav perfume brand ever! I have the flower one(which I forget what's it called LOL) And it is the only 100ml perfume I have...They all smell really nice, oh man I think I need this one now :O

  7. there are many incanto collectors out there, i heard. i think they are done better than escada LE flankers.
    this is one of few 100ml bottles i own as well. i usually go for smaller size since i have too many bottles of perfume. ;p

  8. Incanto Dream is so pretty as well. i have escada sexy graffiti which is very similar to incanto dream, so i passed on that.
    if you love pink and blue colors like me, Incanto charms is for you, though! :)

  9. it is, isn't it? all the Incanto series look pretty.
    which Ed Hardy? the brand is so hip! :D

  10. me too! I am so easy to get sick of one scent, so I always go for the smallest ones.

  11. i used to collect fragrances. it would be another beauty item that i never be able to use up. lol

  12. I feel like this is something I may like, you've described it in such a manner that I want to go out and buy it! haha the packaging is really pretty too.

  13. haha i think i know what you are talking about.
    i love perfume and sometimes i wanna wear super sexy kinds like cyphre, incense or straight up foody scents, but they never work for me. gah
    i've learned to find out what works for me the best and stick with it. in my case it is just boring floral with woody musk base. ;)

  14. nah, that's not boring! I usually just use a cocoa scent (because c'mon, who wouldn't like that?! lol) but I need something that actually lasts.. it can be so hard finding the right scent!

  15. Thanks for the in-depth review! I think it's a scent I will like :)
    Oh and great photography, too! xx

  16. nice review, lena. i'm going to ask my hubs to get it for me. :)

    happy thanksgiving week!


  17. I've never tried that scent before but i'm gonna look into it. What I usually have the is Bvlgari Amethyst :)

  18. oh, i love bvlgari perfume in general! i own omnia crystalline and amethyst is on my wish list.
    thanks for visiting, Gel :)

  19. happy thanksgiving to you, too!
    i hope you like it.
    it is one of the better made fruity floral girly scents out there. ;)

  20. thank you, Amy!
    i just found my bedside table is a nice spot to take pictures like this. ;p

  21. oh see? you can wear something foody, i can't! cocoa turns on me. i envy you, girl!
    you are right on how difficult to find scents that works. it is chemistry and keeps changing for different reasons. ;O

  22. Ah I'm so sorry I forgot to ask for your email! Could you leave it under this post?
    And I loved your comment! It's so sweet ^^

  23. sorry i missed that!
    i am going to your blog right now. ;)

  24. I think the one I use is called Love Kills Slowly.
    I've had it for so long that the print on the bottle scratched off lol

  25. lol. isn't that true, the name? ;D
    i love perfume with interesting names. for that, i got curious about lady vengeance series. heheh

  26. Haha definitely true.
    I really wonder how the Justin Bieber perfume smells lol.
    I don't exactly like him but I wonder why women would buy it if he doesn't even wear it haha

  27. trust me it smells nothing special. i've only smelt from the magazing strips, but i was like "meh"
    it is a generic floral with no characters. ;(


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